No Republican Wins Without

The mantra used to be, “No Republican has won statewide office in New York State without Conservative Party backing since the late Senator Jacob Javits in 1974.” 

In today’s New York Times there is this line, “…the state Conservative Party, without whose backing no Republican has been elected governor since 1974.”

Checking the record just half way back and the spin becomes obvious.  Looking at statewide offices from 1984 to the present the Republican candidate who also ran on the Conservative line lost 18 races and won only nine, including Reagan for President in 1984.  Also, one Republican ran with out the Conservative line and lost. 

Go back two more years and you add three more losses and one more win for the Republican Conservative candidates.  Since 1982 this includes three wins for the Republican Conservative Governor Pataki and three wins for Democratic Liberal Cuomo.

Also during this period there were four Republicans wins for mayor of New York, without the Conservative line.  Five if Mayor Ed Koch’s win in 1981 on both the Democratic and the Republican lines is counted.