Revolution #9

“However big you think you are, you’ll get yours yet”.  - The Beatles (Different song, same album; don’t groan, the next choice for a title was “Love Potion #9”)  

Guess this is one time there weren’t “Three Men” in the Room. Albany’s center of power may indeed be it’s own very small “Emperor’s Club”, but this time the Emperor really had no clothes. In true Talmudic fashion, Eliot Spitzer decided to relieve unbearable urges by visiting another city. Who knew a guy who forgot to celebrate Chanukah would turn out to be so religious?   

It is a mark of the desperate state of the economy that news of Eliot Spitzer’s woes did not stop the stock market from dropping 150 points, but if Wall Street was restrained in its celebration, the mood in club houses and courthouses (extra credit if you can tell them apart) all across the state ranged from mild to middling elation, with an occasional tongue cluck of regret about the wife and kids.  

And that was just the Democrats.  

A few quick and none too deep thoughts as we await the “I am a Straight American” speech.
Eliot Spitzer must be the only guy in
Albany ever to pay for it, at least with his own money (or Bernie's), instead of the taxpayers’. In the wake of the comeback which was manifested by the election of Senator Aubertine, some might call this scandal an example of SNATCHing defeat from the jaws of victory, but it's clear the Governor LAID the SEED of his destruction some time ago.

Still, one must admit that $2000 for an hour spent with the Governor would be cheap if the money were flowing the other way around. Moreover, in contrast to Joe Bruno's taxpayer financed travels, in Spitzer's trip to Washington, the acts of prostitution seem to have been incidental to the public purpose, rather than the other way around.   

But, at least the Governor got a moment of ecstasy for his money. By contrast, Malcolm Smith got fucked without even getting kissed. The potential ascension of David Paterson means it will now take an extra vote to oust Joe Bruno from power, with the presiding chair for the ensuing procedural nightmare being occupied by Bruno himself. And any talk of “Zones of Potential Agreement” seems likely to go out the window. All those who think John Bonacic is jumping ship for Dave Paterson probably bet on Hillary to win Hawaii 

Will David Paterson be able direct to the Senate Democrats the resources that Spitzer did? One sometimes got the feeling during his tenure as Senate Minority Leader that Paterson was badly afflicted with a case of the Stockholm Syndrome. But, even if he did manage to muster the commitment, could he manage to muster the cash? Paterson is the son of a very influential attorney, but the fundraising advantages one obtains from being the son of Basil Paterson can hardly compare with those obtained as the son of Bernard Spitzer. Moreover, the ascension of Paterson might make it easier for the Senate’s Democratic Conference to dump a black leader (although a Governor Paterson could intervene to prevent that).      

This seems bad news for Hillary in at least two ways:
1) It reminds people of how much they dislike reading about pols with troubled family lives (although, truth be told, most folks find it a guilty pleasure).
2) David Paterson's kept a lot of black NYS pols in line because they thought Paterson was going to be appointed to the US Senate in the event of a Hillary victory. Right now, David’s got to be thinking "Fuck the US Senate, I’m finally getting into that Room!" Stevie Wonder would call this "Fulfillingness' First Finale". Under the circumstances, an Obama endorsement, and an avalanche to follow, no longer seems unthinkable. 

Despite the almost unprecedented nature of what seems to have transpired, the only thing which is now unthinkable is the change which was supposed to have occurred on day one. Pardon me for not being as stoic as Silda Wall.  
Can you get to that?