Because No One Posts on the Politicker Anymore...

I'm wondering what's up with this story on yesterday's Politicker:

Wanted: New Finance Director for Christine Quinn

The fund-raiser, Hilary Keller, went to work for Quinn this January after raising money for Eliot Spitzer in 2006. Keller had previously raised money for City Council candidate Gur Tsabar (now of Room 8 fame) back in 2005.

Keller hasn’t been replaced yet, but there’s plenty of time. 2009 is still miles away, right?

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Hilary Keller, who kindly interrupted her vacation somewhere near the northern coast of Wisconsin to talk to me. She said that she left Quinn's operation because she just needed a break. "I haven't had more than three days off in over a year," she said. Keller also ruled out working for any other possible 2009 candidate.

Any Council/Quinn Insiders with more info? I mean, if she's tired she should take a few weeks and come back, right? The fact that she actually called Mr. Paybarah from Wisconsin to respond to this story makes me suspicious that something else is going on here. Anyone?