Does Chuck Schumer have a life?

This is purely a rant. I don't dislike Senator Schumer and agree with most of his politics (although he did vote to authorize the Iraq war and is against same-sex marriage). I just wonder when the man has time for family and sleep. Does he have a life?

In addition to his congressional duties like reading bills and reports, the committees, hearings, voting and all that goes on the floor, I've been told he absolutely loves raising money by making phone calls and does it all the time, oh, and he's in charge of the recruitment and support of new Senate candidates! Then there are the social commitments, meeting with constituents and lobbyists, etc. etc. etc.

On top of all that, he's frequently on the Sunday Morning Talking Heads shows and, although it's been said of many people, it said more often of Senator Schumer than anyone else: "The most dangerous place in Washington is between him and TV Camera." Okay that last point isn't really relevant, but it's vaguely amusing.

That seems like enough doesn’t it? I mean, assuming he has any personal life. But in addition to everything else, he has time for a press conference practically every Sunday on a new issue!

Every Monday I get up and put on the news and hear "New York Senator Charles Schumer..." "...says New York should get more anti-terrorism funds," “...proposed banning ephedra," or "…says we should install radiation detectors in malls" (all real). This is how he spends nearly every Sunday? Is it really necessary to have an issue of the week? And, is he aware that ephedra is much safer than many prescription diet drugs and it was the pharmaceutical companies that wanted it banned?

Okay that’s also an aside.

Is he just a workaholic? Maybe he thinks his dream of being the first Jewish President will be fulfilled if people see him on TV every week? I just don’t get it. Again, I don't dislike the man, I'm just wondering how he has time to be anything other than a Senator.

Okay I feel better now.