Republicans Go Primary Happy

First there was Weld and Faso. Then, Spencer vs. KT emerged. Now, in this season of looming republican primaries, it seems we have one more to look forward to, Callaghan vs. Vanderhoef.

Who are they, you might ask. Of course, looking at any of the recent polls, you could ask that of almost any of the republicans running this year, with undecided the number one pick in every race among republican primary voters.

Well, J. Christopher Callaghan is the Treasurer of Saratoga County and is currently the only declared republican running for NYS Comptroller against democratic incumbent Alan Hevesi. Now, after months of rumors, it looks like Rockland County Executive Scott Vanderhoef is prepared to jump into the ring and run a primary against Callaghan for the nomination to take on Hevesi.

It would certainly be a disgrace if the party that claims the mantle of fiscal responsibility couldn't find a good candidate for Comptroller (like in NYC in 2005, but never mind that now), and now it seems we have two. Of course, they will be fighting the same uphill battle as all of our other candidates this year, no name recognition.

But at least we'll be in the battle, and starting the process of rebuilding the NY republican party. If you ask me, three statewide primaries is just what the doctor ordered for comatose NYGOP, and will certainly provide some excitement for us party animals in what looks to be an otherwise depressing year.

So, on to September and the primaries. Let's roll!