Inez Barron Should Win The East New York Assembly Seat

File this one under “Rock’s Predictions”. And for my detractors: don’t forget that as it relates to percentile, my political calls usually score in the high-nineties. I am willing to take bets on this one but I will offer one caveat. I don’t expect any takers, but I could always be surprised. So if you are out there and itching to try me; let’s get it on then; set it.

In Brooklyn’s East New York neighborhood, the conviction of Assemblywoman Diane Gordon for soliciting bribes has left a vacancy in the 40th Assembly District. A crowded field is shaping up. The word is that next Tuesday when nominating petitions start circulating, you can expect to see at least six candidates. They are namely: Inez Barron (wife of NYC councilmember Charles Barron); Earl Williams- the current septuagenarian male district leader of the democrats- who is the presumptive favorite; Winchester Keys, who was once chief-of-staff to the former assemblyman (Ed Griffith/ prior to Ms. Gordon); Nathan Bradley, the current chief-of-staff to Ms. Gordon; Kenneth S. Evans, an attorney and community activist who has run for this seat before; and John Whitehead, who challenged Charles Barron for his council seat just three years ago. There have been some persistent rumors that there will be at least one other male entrant, who will bring the total to seven candidates. We shall see soon enough.

I believe that this will be a stroll in the park for Inez Barron. I think she will win with a hand ride; it’s that easy. The only caveat I offer is that there is always the possibility she could withdraw from this race. And the reason is because she is a very reluctant runner. She has always had her misgivings about politics and running for office. Beyond that, the opposition research has failed to uncover any really damaging information. She was once the principal of a failing public school in Bedford-Stuyvesant, and it is also said that she has been arrested for protesting against police-brutality. These are not at all fatal to her chances; in fact they probably enhance her credentials as an activist in her own right.

Since retiring from the Department of Education, this former teacher/principal has been an active member of the House of Lord Church (Rev. Hubert Daughtry/pastor), on Atlantic Avenue; but then she has been a member of this church for more than twenty-five years. She is no virgin to political activism folks. She has higher educational credentials than her well known husband, holding a Master’s Degree compared to his BA. In my estimation, it is unlikely that she will make any of his many political mistakes. That will probably be quite refreshing to some.

Quite a few of my political friends have been adverse to my call here, and I want to go on the public record with it. Unfortunately, my buddy Ken Evans is also caught up in this race, since he stalked this seat long before any of the other candidates. He challenged Ms. Gordon twice (2002 and 2006), but in this game however, nothing is handed down to you: unless of course you are Inez Barron.

People keep asking me if she will make a good elected official; I say that she will. I say that with no reservations, since she is well meant. Personally, I just prefer Ken Evans for this seat, and that’s why I cannot support her even though I do believe she will win: easily.

Stay tuned in folks. It’s only just the beginning of this race.