Okay; so I know we have two and a half years to go before the 2016 presidential elections; but I just wanted to get my two-cents in early. 

As of now, I am leaning towards supporting either Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA); Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT); or Republican Colin Powell; should any of them decide to run for the presidency.

It is still possible that I may eventually vote for the prohibitive favorite Hilary Clinton -depending on who her opponents are, and depending on her becoming the democrat’s nominee. However, she stands behind any/and all of the three aforementioned; since they comfortably fit the bill for me right now. 

Here is my reasoning. A Hilary Clinton victory seems like de-ja-vu all over again; with only one good reason for justification: we finally elect a female as president of these dis-united states. 

Take away her gender and it is business as usual: nothing transformative; nothing imaginative; nothing creative; nothing earth-shattering; nothing visionary. To me, the simple fact that you are a woman isn’t enough justification for securing my support and/or vote; though I must admit that it could give you a little edge when all things are considered.   

In my humble opinion, Hilary Clinton -despite her fine resume and solid educational/academic credentials- has no real crowning glories to show as policy- achievements: given all her years in power-positions, while peregrinating the political sphere. 

During the presidential debates of 2008 she demonstrated a wide knowledge on an array of policy issues; in fact she skillfully won most of the debates. She even appeared to be a wonk on health-reform issues. And yet, during the past six years, she has pulled a disappearing-act, while this protracted battle over the ACA (Obamacare) has been waged. In this fight with obdurate republicans, Hilary Clinton has been missing in action. That’s inexcusable.  

Relative to the Billary Clintons (Bill and Hilary), political-involvement has nearly always been self-serving. It has nearly always been about self-aggrandizement and enhancing personal fortunes. Go read their respective biographies and tell me differently. Opportunism, ambition and power-seeking appear to be the order of the years for both of them.

 It’s hard to find Hillary’s idealism beyond her “Barry Goldwater years”. Even her move to the New York political theatre was another calculated and well-orchestrated event. Her well-placed connections (who had pull and clout) paved the way for a royal entrance with pomp, pageantry and media-fanfare. She didn’t deserve the NY senate seat: she had little or no connection to the state. 

IMHO: it’s hard to find her political vision beyond being some sort of symbol or icon for female political participation, inclusion, respect and empowerment.   

And yes, her ambition is made of really “stern stuff”. After all she sure sacrificed a lot in the esteem department, in order to deal with the many disappointments, heart breaks and humiliations, consistently dished her way by a predator-husband. A true feminist would have put her womanizing husband in checkmate (yes; pun intended), many eons ago. 

 Her political accomplishments as a senator from New York are minuscule if you compare them to Jacob Javits, Patrick Moynihan, Al D’Amato or even Chuck Schumer. And she surely did not distinguish herself as a formidable Secretary of State, so we dare not heap lavish praises on her for foreign policy notables. In fact, her stint at the State department was nothing but a resume-builder and a cultural world tour: both on the taxpayer’s dime. There is only one reason why this has escaped scrutiny and critique: she is a celebrity (the former first lady of the USA). Did anyone say “Hollywood-swinging”? 

Look; being a loyal doormat for an ex-president is not an inspirational feature for true feminists. Real true feminists are tired of the way(s) men treat women in general. Women are more than just go-fers, sex-objects, servants, baby-makers and truck-stops. Aiding and abetting Bill Clinton’s doggie-ways is no promotable quality; especially when you were the one to have let the dog out in the first place. Where was the leash? Where was the pooper-scooper? 

What Bill Clinton did to a young, impressionable, naïve, White House intern (Monica Lewinsky) borders on the criminal; it was more than simply immoral or scandalous. And yet Hilary’s political ambitions appear to have transcended her compassion for this young woman. The claim is that she was the one who refused to let Bill settle the Paula Jones lawsuit in a timely manner; thus opening the door to all the scurrilous stuff that later emerged. 

Monica Lewinsky has had to leave this country in order to find a more serene environment to reside in. She now lives in England and is working on her Master’s degree. Can you imagine what it must be like to have a sex-act named after you? Can you imagine what it has been like for her being the target of countless comedians, writers and commentators? For Christ’s sake, Monica Lewinsky was a kid; and Bill Clinton was only the most powerful man on the planet then. 

There are many things Hilary Clinton failed to do (and say) publicly, relative to the Monica Lewinsky affair. Do not think for a moment that the republicans wouldn’t bring this all up when the presidential campaign gets going in earnest.  

 And yet we really shouldn’t be surprised by the Clintonian indifference in this regard. Back in 1988 Hilary Clinton lied to millions when she appeared on CBS (Sixty Minutes) accompanied by her husband Bill. That was when she defended him against charges of adultery made by a woman named Gennifer Flowers.  Ms. Flowers claimed to have had a twelve year sexual (and adulterous) affair with Bill Clinton, during the time he was governor of Arkansas. These claims were threatening an early derailment to Bill Clinton’s inchoate presidential bid, and both Clintons were in serious damage-control mode: their joint political ambitions were at stake. 

In that CBS appearance they both semi-successfully debunked Ms. Flowers’ claims as lies. And in so doing, the Clintons demonstrated their willingness to do anything to win. They eventually captured the White House only to run into more scandals relative to Bill’s uncontrollable zipper. 
I don’t even want to get into the many other women who have emerged over the years with claims against Bill; some of which are so outrageous that I choose not to repeat them here; claims which have now turned out to be at least semi-credible in many instances. 

For all of Bill Clinton’s proclivities, abuses and indiscretions, both Clintons have emerged scot-free. Where is the indemnity? Women, whose lives were messed up, have been left to deal with their private pains and emotional scars. In the mean time Hilary has emerged as this supposed feminist icon. How ironic! 

The incorrect ways in which women are treated by men (and other women) in this world, are the leading causes of too many of our social ills. Isn’t this obvious by now? As an international society, shouldn’t we be profoundly addressing this by now? Paying lip service to women’s issues and causes is just that: “lip-service”. If one wants to be an international leader on a significant issue, then one has to demonstrate a fealty to the cause. 

Would Hilary Clinton make a fine president? MAYBE. After all, she has been around the block (so to speak) politically. And she has been around the block in various incarnations.  She may even do a better job than Barack Obama, relative to getting republicans to cooperate in needed public-policy implementations. She is indeed an incredibly intelligent woman; probably even more so than her hubby.

 It is possible that if she did become president, she may finally achieve that inner peace from which she can find even greater strength than she has already exhibited. And from this she may have even more tangible and meaningful accomplishments; but that’s left to be seen.  

Does she deserve to be president? My jury is still hung-up on that question. In time the answer will reveal itself to me, and likewise to the many others who think like me. 
Stay tuned-in for part two folks.