A few years ago I wrote a column positing that all five district attorneys in New York City should be term limited to twelve years. It was simply an extension of my thesis that ALL elected officials in New York (federal, state, city/local) should be term-limited accordingly. There is no need for me to revisit the many arguments for term limits that have been made in this city since way before 1991. Three referendums have shown overwhelming voter support for the proposition. Currently NYC has an eight- year (two consecutive terms) limit on the mayor, comptroller, public advocate, all five borough presidents, and on all fifty-one city council members. Only the DAs are exempt from said limits.  

 In Manhattan we had a DA (Morgenthau) who served in the position from 1975 thru 2009. After almost 35 years in office he finally decided to step down and not seek re-election three years ago. Old, frail, and ailing, this Neanderthal kept holding on to the position like it was willed to him: typical of too many electeds in this city. Right now we have a guy in the Bronx (Johnson) -with a mediocre conviction rate- who has been there for more than two decades. In Queens it isn’t much different. DA Brown has been in office for 21 years; two less than Johnson.  In Brooklyn, DA Charles Hynes has been DA since 1989. And in those 23 years we have experienced a “yo-yo” quality (up and down/ up and down) to his stewardship: lately there have been more downsides than upsides (more on this in future columns).   

Next year, Brooklyn voters will have a chance to remove Charlie Hynes. They can impose their true version of term limits via the ballot. I am giving an early endorsement to Abe George for Brooklyn’s district attorney. It’s time for a change. It’s time for new and imaginative leadership in the DA’s office.  Charles Hynes is much too close to the political establishment and the powers that be. This has hurt his credibility over time; even now some folks suspect that there are corrupt and/or lawbreaking electeds he could indict (like Vito Lopez for example). This isn’t good for the polity: not at all. It’s time for a refreshing change. Abe George will bring that needed change to the DA’s office.    

Abe George is a young and energetic progressive. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a DA who is under forty years of age for once?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a minority DA in Brooklyn after all these years? Wouldn’t it be nice (for the ideals around empowerment and inclusion) to elect an East Indian as DA in NYC? I say yes to all three questions. It’s time for people of goodwill to do more than pay lip-service to the ideals of justice, empowerment, inclusion and respect.  It’s time to elect Abe George.

 Abe was born and raised in Brooklyn. His parents were immigrants from India. They both assiduously worked their way through college, and eventually became the first in their respective families to ever hold college-degrees. They inculcated in their son Abe: the work ethic; respect for fellow humans of different races, religions and ethnicities; the value of a good education; and a strong sense of civic duty/responsibility. Abe is a graduate of NYU. He has worked as an Assistant District Attorney with the Manhattan DA’s office since 1994. If he wins he will make history as the first person of East Indian origin to be elected here. That will be a great day for immigrants, people of all races, hues, religions, ethnicities and nationalities. In fact, it will be a great day for all people of the rainbow who hope for respect, justice, equal-opportunity, inclusion and empowerment.  If any reader wants more info on this candidate then please go to his website; or “Google” his name.  Stay tuned-in folks.