The announcement today that Rock Hackshaw has secured the endorsement of the Caribbean Life Newspaper came as a surprise to many: including yours truly. After all I arrived late for the three-way debate amongst the candidates running for the 40th council district and only participated in the second half of the event. I believe that CL endorsed me beacuse of my lengthy track record in the Brooklyn community: a record with which they are quite familiar.

The newspaper has a readership of close to a million people and is the premier weekly serving the Caribbean-American community in New York City. It is circulated in all five boroughs and belongs to the CNG media chain.

This endorsement comes behind the Channel 12 (Brooklyn News) debate of last week where one reporter said that I "blew away both of my opponents". If only debates won elections/lol. There is still another debate carded for next week in the district, and it is being put together by a conglomeration of local CBOs, block associations, tenant organizations, business groups and such. I am told that I am the only candidate whose attendance is confirmed so far.

With two weeks left to go before the election, I am very confident of victory despite a rather challenging campaign. I have been awarded roughly 65k from the Campaign Finance Board's matching funds program, and I intend to max out (89k) before the election. I am hoping that my friends in blog-land will start making some contributions and also start volunteering for the pre-election home-stretch.

If this endorsement is an epic of things to come, then expect an avalanche of last minute support coming down the turnpike folks. So far one of my opponents (Tulloch) seems bent on attacking Dr. Mathieu Eugene (the incumbent) and myself, with all sorts of deliberate lies and innuendo, discrediting our contributions to this community. This tactic isn't going to work but he seems unwilling to abandon it. As a strategy, negative campaigns are very chancy at best.

I hope that you readers, some of my fans here in blog-land, and others who are supportive of my candidacy will spread the word: VOTE FOR ROCK.

Do stay tuned-in folks.