I am doing these columns now, in order to set the record straight and clear up some misconceptions out there. I want to believe that most of those who are seriously involved in NYC politics, know that I am an insurgent to the core. I hardly ever endorse electeds. There have been one or two exceptions over the years, but for the most part I feel strongly that most incumbents (especially the black ones) are incompetent, inept, unimaginative, trifling and corrupt. Thus I have written extensively about the need to replace most of them. Nothing has been done over the last decade to make me change this point of view.

With all that as a backdrop, let me start off with Manhattan. Only one endorsement here: I support Robert J. Rodriguez to fill the vacancy in the 68th Assembly district. He comes from a political family whose service to this area is legendary. In this district, we have an open seat, since the present incumbent Adam Clayton Powell jnr. has foolishly decided to challenge Charlie Rangel for Congress (again). It’s not that “old Charlieboy” shouldn’t be primaried (he definitely should); it’s just that Junior has offered us nothing but his father’s last name. After all this time in politics -and at various elected positions to booth- has Junior ever offered us an original idea that made us scratch out collective heads and say “umm”?

In this race to replace Adam Clayton Powell jnr., at least seven candidates filed petitions. From my sources, I am told that John Ruiz is one of those with a good chance of winning here; so too district leader Marion Bell. This is one of those competitive races usually lacking in this city. I expect a good turnout in this district, bucking the expectations city- wide. Keep your eyes on this one.

What the playboy-wannabee (Adam jnr.) has essentially done (pretty successfully) is ride his father’s legacy of good-looks and good last name, to chase skirts and pussy. Charlie Rangel is going to whip him like an egg in an omelet: and that’s unfortunate; since Charlie’s time is past. Charlie needs to gracefully step down, step off and hand the baton to some young whipper-snapper prepared to go to Congress and do real hard work, for real change in this country. I will not endorse anyone in this congressional race.

In the Bronx, there are a few exciting races going on (thank God): one involves state senator Pedro Espada. He has turned out to be a major disappointment and I cannot endorse him; but I do remember -back in the day- when his family was as progressive as they come. Look, if he loses his seat I will shed no tears.  There are also some competitive races for district leader just as in Brooklyn: this augurs well for the future.

In Queens, the Jeff Aubrey (black) v. Anthony Miranda (Hispanic) contest seems lively. The changing demographics in Elmhurst seem to give ex-cop Miranda winning chances; but as you all know, it is rather difficult to remove incumbents: so don’t go betting the rent on this one.

The Shirley Huntley v. Lyn Nunes race is another one getting some attention. My sources are telling me that the old girl (Shirley) is going to win this one; but again I caution you not to bet the rent. The Nunes campaign has been busy at the doors of likely voters lately. I know the gays have targeted Huntley for voting against the same-sex marriage bill, so this could be a close race folks. Nunes ran a strong race for city council last year, and normally the second race (back to back) is usually a better one result-wise.

After city council member Tom White died recently, word on the street was that Nunes would abandon his campaign to concentrate on replacing White in the city council. This hasn’t been confirmed at this point in time: so expect a competitive contest here.

I have nothing to say about Staten Island races, so this brings me full circle to my baby: BROOKLYN.

I am going to write extensively on Brooklyn from tomorrow. FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS PLEASE: I intend to bring stuff mainstream media has no clue about. As usual, the black areas of Brooklyn have the most exciting races. I am going to go places hardly ever gone before.

So do stay tuned-in (for real).