The Year of the Withdrawals: 2006

It was somewhere around this time (early June) a few years ago, while musing with a political crack head, I hinted that each new petition-drive was becoming more and more mundane. His answer felt like a bucket of cold water thrown into the sleeping face of a political addict. He told me that he looked forward to every new election-cycle with eager anticipation and excitement, since each New Year in politics, brings unique personalities, situations, events and occurrences. He was right. And although I fall off the wagon from time to time-especially when these somnambulant black electeds piss me off (which is often) - I always remember his words around this time. You see, this is when the phone starts ringing non-stop, as people recruit help or references while putting together late campaigns. This year however is slightly different. This is the year of the withdrawal(s). Lots of candidates are withdrawing, and by the end of this article you will get the inside scoop on some more withdrawals upcoming. Some may or may not surprise you.

One phone call yesterday was from a C. Virginia Fields insider. My former client has pulled out of the contest with Bill Perkins. I wished she had stayed in. Truly. I thought this was s a very interesting race, from a spectator’s point of view. The story behind the story is that Perkins was simply out hustling her. He kept beating her to endorsements and tangible support. He was out-campaigning her. Perkins is very energetic. Listen kids, he has run the New York City marathon a few times. CVF doesn’t have the “fire in the belly” as when she was younger. Plus, some of the support she was expecting wasn’t coming forth. Still, there were many who would have gladly and willingly helped her if she had reached out. I KNOW THIS. I have been told this. My gut feeling is that after she considered traveling back and forth to Albany, the seat somehow wasn’t appealing anymore. CVF has her detractors, she is a tough lady. I like her; I hope she succeeds with whatever she chooses to do in the near future.

Let’s capitulate for a moment. Let’s take a body count. Remember these folks: Chuck Schumer, George Pataki, Jeanine Pirro, Randy Daniels, Daniel Brodsky, Leticia Eve, and Nick Perry; well at some point they were all running for something that they later chose not to run for. There are a few others that could be added to this list, but then that’s yesterday’s news. Let’s move on to tomorrow’s news.

In the areas that I like to refer to as “Black-Brooklyn”, expect some new developments soon. In the 55thAD (Boyland jnr.), perennial runner Reginald Bowman (an aide to Congressman Major Owens) is not running. Neither is Stan Kinnard. Junior’s only challenge will come from “Uncle Roy”, who is being supported by Chris Owens it seems. In the 42nd AD (Jacobs), expect Zacary Lareche to pull out, leaving Michelle Adolphe to face Rhoda one on one. Word is that Tahaca Robinson (Annette’s son) is running that insurgent campaign. This is very interesting kids, if true.

The big story will probably be the one made once Wellington Sharpe departs the 58th AD race, and challenges someone else, instead of Nick Perry. Some are speculating that he will take on Kevin Parker again. I don’t think so. Parker has a challenger named Tina Henry-Walker, I am being told. We will see. Lots of people talk about running, others run their big mouths. It's not easy to run for office anymore kids.

I say that Sharpe might go against Weyman Carey for the district leadership (male).  If not, he will take a vacation this year. There is talk that Yvette Clarke’s forces are putting a lot of pressure on Sharpe to withdraw. There is also talk of a united Caribbean-American front in support of Yvette’s congressional run. If Yvette unites the Carib base she will be real real tough to stop. What is Nick going to do? Who will he endorse? And is Carl Andrews going to withdraw also? It’s getting to crunch time kids. Sharpe is a maverick, so we will see. I am predicting that Sharpe will not run against Nick Perry. Watch this unfold within days.

In the 10th Congressional race, expect two defections (Greene and Powell) when the smoke clears. Charles Barron is in for the long haul, and his supporters are very pumped up for an upset. Word is that even Ed Towns has stated that “Barron will get lots of votes”. Word on the street is that Roger will capitulate and run for his old seat, and that Powell is going nowhere real fast.

In the 20th SD, word is that Eric Adams is picking them up and throwing them down. They are saying that this could be an embarrassment, and that Eric could win in a cakewalk. Expect some defections here also. It is also said that if Carl Andrews tries to back-in to his old seat, he is in for a rude awakening. It is being said that he (Carl) might as well as stay put (11thCD), even if he is going down. Can anyone verify that Rhoda Jacobs is carrying Eric Adams on her petitions?

In the 57thAD, there was a rumor that State Senator Velmanette Montgomery was running for female district leader; recent word is that she has withdrawn. Also, there was word that Sidique Wai will be running in the 10th Congressional race, but so far there is nothing to substantiate this. Likewise the rumor of an opportunistic “white” candidate in said race.

In the 56th AD, there is a rumor that Tahaca Robinson was running for District Leader. Can he be a candidate and technician at the same time? I doubt that. Word is that Richard Taylor is also running again.

In the 43rdAD, word is that the two insurgents need to do a “sit-down”. Lots of anti- Clarence Norman forces are hoping that saner heads prevail in preventing a traffic jam. Many are waiting in the wings for one candidate to emerge. In the 40thAD (Gordon), one of the challengers is having second thoughts about the stress, wear and tear and the bother. It’s not easy to run for public office anymore kids.