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Elliot Spitzer Needs To Stop The Bullshit.

Rock Hermon Hackshaw

So another poll came out today from the Quinnipiac people telling us what we already know: that Elliot Spitzer is leading in the gubernatorial race. In the immortal words of one former Nets basketball-player, “whoop-dee-damn-doo”. To me this is where New York’s politics appear trite. Of course, it’s an artifact of the “silly season”.

Margarita Lopez-Torres and the Multi-colored Coattails: Liars, Liars, Pants and Panties on Fire.

Rock Hermon Hackshaw

Sometime in early 2001, I requested a meeting with Clarence Norman in his capacity as County Leader of the Democrats in Brooklyn. I wanted to discuss a few issues with him, and he willingly obliged me. Let me say first off, that despite the many run-ins I have had with Clarence, he has always treated me with dignity and respect. Whenever he met me, he was very cordial, very civil. Surprisingly so, since I managed his opponent in 1996 (Joan Gill), and I actively supported many other candidates against him over the years (Gumbs, Davis, Roper and Roberts/two). Also, I happened to have challenged many of the electeds (much to his chagrin), by working as advisor/consultant/technician and in other capacities, with insurgents challenging the status-quo, since 1984. Even before he became county-leader.

Hey Reformers: Tom Suozzi Needs Your Help.

There are few people who would deny that Elliot Spitzer has done a decent job as Attorney General of New York State. I would think only a handful maybe, and probably Republicans mostly. Some of his detractors say he is a bit aggressive and “macho”, others say he is a bully. Others yet claim that he is an “alpha–male” all the way, possessing too much testosterone. Point being, there is no real attack on his competency and/or capability. In most regards, this is good for Spitzer.

The only area where Spitzer seems vulnerable is the one where his relationship with Albany legislators can be gauged. The least you can say is that he has been quite accommodating. Can anyone find the public attacks on Albany (from Spitzer) in the past decade? And for sure, most elected officials are lining up in droves to endorse him. Not surprisingly, his endorsement list will be an Albany “who is who” list.

Who Would Have Thunk It.

Last Thursday night, at the endorsement meeting of Brooklyn's  Independent Neighborhood Democratic Political Club ( IND), Charles Barron almost did the unthinkable: he came within a handful of votes from winning the club's endorsement for the 10th Congressional race. Observers ( both black and white) claimed that he blew away the group with his presentation. He did so well that it took 3 ballots for the club to end up with a " no endorsement". Don't forget that the chairperson of this club is a Towne's staffer.

Most people there were surprised that Barron could connect so well with a white audience, and this was dismaying to many of his detractors. If this is an indication of how tough this campaign could get for the incumbent, then it's imperative that all of you in "out-here-land", keep your seat belts on.

Picking Up Where Jerry Left Off

Rock Hermon Hackshaw

Jerry Skurnik is probably the most academic of all the resident bloggers here, and that’s good. His columns are factual and insightful. He backs up his positions with stats and verifiable info. He hardly moves to those fudgy areas of innuendo, speculation and political gossip, where most bloggers move on occasion, and where a few actually reside permanently. And that’s good.

Would the candidates with thin skins shut the f*** up. PLEASE.

I have commented on the race for the 20th Senatorial district twice in the past 5 weeks, and what I have written is there for everyone to see. That's why I blog openly. I use my full name because I want to be responsible for what I write.  I refuse to take the coward's way out, and hit someone from behind a sobriquet. I don't hide because I am not afraid. Politics should brook no coward, but alas, cowardice abounds in this "game".

Stupidity also abounds, but thats somewhat understandable given today's educational climate, with standards perpetually deteriorating. Too many people leave school unable to think critically, or even rationalize well. It's unfortuneate, but "c'est la vie".  I do believe that candidates for public should be able to differentiate between common sense and stupidity, and when their supporters make stupid statements, the candidates should  immediately move to correct them. With all this as a backdrop, I hope that Eric Adams and Anthony Alexis would get a grip on their supporters like immediately.

Brooklyn's 43rd Assembly District : Run Jesse Run!!

Rock Hermon Hackshaw
We all know what happened to Clarence Norman recently, so there is no need to rehash old history, but there are a few things about Clarence's old seat (43rdAD), that many of you probably don't know. For example, many Caribbean-American political activists have felt  for quite some time now, that this seat is ripe for Caribbean-American representation. The population here is heavily Caribbean-American.  Ask Allan Campbell, Maurice Gumbs, Gail Yvette Davis, Sheila-Foster-Wai, Ed Roberts and others of that ilk.  Shoot, you can even ask Una Clarke.

Back in the 80's, Clarence Norman beat back a few challenges from islanders. In 1984 he faced two, Carl Roberts and Maurice Gumbs. Two years later, Gumbs backed off to let  Roberts tackle Norman. It didn't matter, Clarence held serve. Then there was a lull on the front, until Joan Gill stepped forward to challenge Clarence. Joan was born and bred in Brooklyn, just as James Davis was. She tackled Clarence twice; in 1992 and 1996.  I managed her last campaign, and found out for the

A look at the 20th Senatorial District: Can Anthony Alexis make history?

Rock Hermon Hackshaw

The 20th Senatorial District mainly covers pieces of Crown Heights, Flatbush, Kensington, Clinton Hill and Park Slope. It is roughly 63% black, 18% white, 13% hispanic and 6% other. For about two decades, current Borough President Marty Markowitz was the incumbent. When Marty was elected  Boro Prez in 2001, a special election to fill the created vacancy, saw Carl Andrews (Dem.) defeat Frances Purcell (Rep.); he successfully defended the seat later that year, in a primary election against Wellington Sharpe and  Mickey  Haller. Last year Andrews had no primary challenge, and we really don't have to discuss what happens in Novembers in this district. It's a foregone conclusion that once you have the Dem. party line, you win the general election.

Observations of a Caribbean-American Political Activist: with Errol Louis in Mind.

Rock Hermon Hackshaw

Ten years ago, Bill Clinton signed into law an anti-terrorism measure, that has turned out to be one of the worst pieces of legislation impacting on the Caribbean and Latin-America. One of its provisions included repatriating immigrants-both legal and undocumented- for  infractions here. It also expanded deportation programs which targeted those undocumented, even though undocumented aliens are amongst the most law-abiding (with the obvious exceptions, of course) of people living here. Within a year, some were deported for as simple a thing as jumping the subway turnstile in New York City. Initially, there were many who seemed to see no problem in all this, after all, if you are residing in a host country, it behooves you to obey the law - probably, even moreso than if you were still residing in the country of your birth. Well, not really. Only one country saw the deeper problem that this new policy would manifest. That country was Argentina.

Musings on a Tuesday Morning: Of Races,Polls and Pols.

Last week I took a deserved "spring break", since being out of the city for a bit is always re-invigorating. Thanks for the e-mails and phone-calls from those of you who missed me here and were concerned. I am fine , except for a lil hypertension- which is genetic. I must admit that I was surprised (and no, Gatemouth wasn't one of them), it tells me that people are reading "Room 8". So let's take our hats off to Ben Smith and Gur Tsabar. Real pioneers in this day and age.

I walked right in to the poll showing Spitzer still leading big, and yes I am a bit taken aback that Suozzi hasn't cracked the twenty- percentile as yet. I am still hopeful though. I hate coronations even more than I hate royalty. I like a good old- fashioned horse race. After all, in November we democrats will be all lining up behind our nominee, to ensure that another Republican like Pataki ( "Potato-head") doesn't trick us anymore. 

The Appalling Hypocrisy of Black Leaders in NYC.

There are things that happen in this city, that elicit an immediate outcry from black leaders, once they occur. And then there are things that happen, where  these same leaders  stay awfully quiet, when they shouldn't. Last week we saw this play out once again.

On  East 125th Street in Harlem, a young white male was struck by a car, while running to avoid being robbed and beaten by a group of young kids of color. The young man  subsequently died from the injuries he suffered. He happened to be a student of New York University on his way home.

Lessons in Somnambulism: A Look at New York's Collective Black Political Leadership.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and true to form -like on most holy days - the "Christian" volcano within me started rumbling again. I must be truthful in saying that I have been long estranged from my christian roots. In fact, I presently consider myself  a non-conformist. However, on days like these ( significant in religious lore), perspicacity seems to always set in, and before you know it, I am off  on some excrutiating mental journey. Yesterday was no different. And yes, my religious mama did say that there would be days like this. She did. 

Senator Kevin Parker and Anger Management Lessons: Will they work?

Last week, in a Brooklyn Court House, far removed from the glare and scrutiny of the New York media, Senator Kevin Parker squared off with his political nemesis Wellington Sharpe ( through lawyers of course), once again. The last time these two had squared off  was fall 2004, when they both attended a birthday party for  NYC council-member Kendall Stewart, at Cafe Omar in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. This is where Sharpe claims that Parker physically assaulted him for the second time that year. And for the second time Sharpe made a complaint to the NYPD.  The first complaint had come a few months earlier, after they had attended an event  in Brooklyn sponsored by Haitian-American activists. Don't expect these two to be exchanging Christmas gifts any time soon folks. 

Lessons in politics: Revisiting a boxing coach with Cynthia McKinney in mind.

Back in Trinidad when I was in high school, I fancied myself a boxer. So I would go to the gym on many an afternoon, trying to emulate the moves of the many great professionals that I had seen or read about. Sometimes I would showboat (hot-dog) , because I had quick hands and feet. To my chagrin, the coach would always admonish me to "keep it simple". I hated to hear him say that:  "just keep it simple, no need for all that fancy stuff".

Then I left high school  and  found that coach's words could be applied to life, and usually  that the simpler you keep it the better. So after  doing my research on the latest Cynthia McKinney news-making incident, my old coach came to mind.

Hey Gatemouth: Your "Buddy " Chuck Barron Called This Morning.

 An excited Charles Barron called early this morning, to inform that he has raised more money in 2 months running for Congress, than he had raised in 2 years running for Mayor of  New York City. Barron said that when he files for his congressional committee next week, it will show a total of around seventy-five thousand dollars raised in the last 2 months ( Feb. and March/2006). In his excitement, he forgot to mention that he had personally loaned the campaign twenty thousand dollars to kick-jump its late start. He stated that  he finally made his mind up about entering the race on 1-22-2006, and has been fundraising mainly over the phone ever since. He still has no official fundraiser and is running a typical unorthodox "Barronesque" campaign, relying heavily on grassroot popular support and committed volunteers. 

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