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Staten Islanders protest Congressman Michael Grimm's "Obamacare" repeal support

For Immediate Release: March 21, 2011
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Holding Zadroga 9-11 Health and Compensation Act opposition accountable

Matt Titone, my State Assemblyperson (Democrat Staten Island AD 61), has launched  the "Boycott Amnesia" campaign to call attention to U.S.

The Lame Duck Congress must prove it's not lame

It's a waste of time to compromise with Republicans. The Lame Duck Congress must prove it's not lame. The House must pass the repeal of the Bush Tax Cuts for the top two percent and the Senate should use reconciliation to avoid a filibuster. The Bush Tax Cuts were originally passed via reconciliation.

My Health Care Plan




I am circulating this plan at this late stage of the health care debate because most of the proposals out there are totally inadequate. This plan is a hybrid of government provided coverage, private insurance and regional and trade association co-ops (Not as public option replacements, but as an additional choice. I'd be very disappointed if the eventual health care bill doesn't include a public option and co-ops are inadequate alternatives).

Harrison vs the Machine

Below is a link to an article in City Hall News positioning Steve Harrison as the Candidate of the people and Recchia as the machine candidate in a potential primary for the right to unseat Vito Fossella, the only Republican representing NYC in the house.

For those of you not familiar with the 13th Congressional District (Staten Island, Bay Ridge) race, Harrison received a higher percentage of the vote than any other Democrat since the district was gerrymandered to be Republican, including Staten Island elected officials, despite being out raised 13-1 (although the 130k raised from April 06 until election day was the third most by any Democratic candidate for this seat).

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