Charles Barron reacts to racism by appearing with racists?

This week there was a press conference outside the Queens courthouse to protest the Sean Bell shooting as a race incident. There was city councilman Charles Barron standing next to Kevin Muhummad of the Nation of Islam and Malik Zulu Shabazz, head of the New Black Panthers. Barron was there protesting racism in police actions by appearing with representatives of two known racist groups. This is like if some white city councilman had a press conference to say it wasn't a race incident and appeared with former KKK leader David Duke! Why is Barron giving credibility to these guys who lead groups who have racial agendas? This doesn't help solve the problems highlighted by the Bell shooting, it only provokes more problems. Shabazz is a hardcore anti-semite who has spoken out about "whites being the devil" and the government being run by jews. Here are some of Shabazz's quotes, ugly, hate-filled rhetoric:

And Barron appears with this man?! You don't fight racism with racism, and guys like Shabazz and Kevin Muhummad's man, Farrakhan, only want to use incidents like Bell's shooting to incite separatism and promote hate between the races. Barron spit in the face of every white jewish constituent who voted for him by appearing with these guys, just as any white councilman who appeared with Duke or another KKK leader would have been spitting in the face of black constituents. And it shouldn't be condoned. Barron's presence at that press conference was giving power and credence to those who are preaching the wrong message.