How about Barack Obama/Chuck Schumer in '08 for the Democrats?

I think Barack Obama is an exciting, dynamic young political leader who could be a Kennedy for this generation. He's going to run for President and will be a strong contender. However, looking at his potential campaign, you can see where the republicans would attack him:

-- His lack of national policy experience. He's got grassroots experience and nine years in the illinois state house, but it would only be half a term in the Senate.

-- He has close muslim relatives. His middle name is "Hussein". Would he too pro-arab for a decidedly pro-Israel electorate?

-- He'd be portrayed as too radically liberal.

One possible answer to these arguments is for Obama to have Chuck Schumer as his runningmate. Schumer is strongwilled, highly experienced, moderate, and jewish. It balances Obama on experience, on any pro-arab sentiment and on being too liberal. Also Schumer's been really high profile lately due to his DSCC election success and is widely popular within the party.

I think Schumer might well go for it, because he's had his own political ambitions and he wouldn't be risking his senate seat because its not up in '08. I think an Obama/Schumer ticket could be a winner, something like Kennedy/Johnson, except for the geographic balance.