Will Matthew Eugene be disqualified due to residency issue?

There are some experts saying Matthew Eugene cannot legally be certified the winner and sworn in as new city councilman for Flatbush because he was not living in the district on the day he was elected.

It appears as though this could wind up in court, as Eugene's people and the Board of Elections may have different interpretations of the rules. Eugene was going by the assumption that he had to be a resident of the district by the time the votes are certified, at which time his election becomes official, and that has not happened yet and he has signed a lease on a new apartment. But election lawyers, including the one quoted in the article, insist one has to be a resident of the district on the day he is elected in that district. That the board of elections cannot certify a non-resident of a district as the winner of an election. What I am wondering is what happens if Eugene is disqualified? Do they swear in the second place finisher or do they have another election?

This whole mess could have been avoided if Eugene had simply moved before the election. But he wanted to wait and make sure he won before he moved, which seems to indicate he only wanted to live in the district if he could represent the district. This is not as bad as Diane Gordon trying to get a free house and move out of her district while she is representing it, but its not too good either.