The First-Ever Spanish Language Presidential Debate left me in a sense of dissolution and disappointment after hearing the positions expressed by all of the Democratic Candidates in support for the construction of a wall on the Mexican border and not on the Canadian border.

If we are going to build a wall, it should be a wall for everyone or for no one.

If we are serious enough to protect this nation and use National Security as an issue to build a wall on the Mexican border, then I believe that the Presidential candidates should be in favor of building one on the Canadian frontier as well. Otherwise, this could be interpreted as racist and against Hispanics and it may be seen as an excuse for discrimination against Hispanics.

Another disappointment was the rule set by the event’s organizers to stop Governor Bill Richardson and United States Senator Chris Dodd from speaking Spanish during the debate. If this was a debate “exclusively for the Hispanic Community” it makes no sense to stop the only Hispanic, Richardson from speaking his native language so the National Hispanic Community could feel proud of listening to one of their own.

Finally, not to allow Senator Chris Dodd to show our community how he has worked and cared for Hispanics – to the point that he has learned our language with perfection – was a loss that all Hispanics in this nation should have been able to see. If this was a debate for the Hispanic Community, there was nothing to be ashamed of by letting the candidates show exactly how far they have gone in order to gain our support.