2009: Rivera vs. Diaz

Did you hear? NYS Assemblyman Ruben Diaz, Jr. (son of State Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.) is given strong consideration and devoting hours to possibly running for Bronx Borough President in 2009. If he does - which I hope he does - it will put him up against Joel Rivera, the son of Bronx Democratic Party Chair and NYS Assemblymember as well, Jose Rivera (Joel is also Majority Leader of the NYC Council).

Looking at both of these young leaders' voting records and list of accomplishments, I found that Assemblyman Diaz has enough experience to take on the Presidency of the Bronx and make the Bronx a better place to live. He knows what it takes to get support from the State (he's been there for ten years now) and has proven to be an effective leader for his constituents.

Majority Leader Rivera would also make a great Borough President BUT NOT YET! He has been in the City Council for a short 6 six years and aside from a handful of laws and resolutions, he has just been one of those Councilmembers who cast his votes "with the current" and the stand in front of the media and said he/she did this and that...

Like I said, Rivera would be a great leader and I think he needs to possibly run for the Senate seat which will be vacated by soon-to-be sentenced and corrupt politician, Efrian Gonzalez. This would take him to Albany where he can stand out as a strong leader and possibly come back and decide to run for Mayor sometime down the road.....

Diaz for Bronx Borough President
Rivera for State Senate

Watta ya think about that?