Is Hynes Pulling An End Run Around The Will Of The Voters In Brooklyn?

I wrote in my last piece regarding the primaries; how I woke up after 11:00 PM to find out that Ken Thompson had beaten incumbent Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes, among other triumphs.

It was a great day.

I thought to myself, in anticipation of the changes, that a number of people would see in their lives; notably, John Giuca and his mother, Doreen Giuliano, John Kennedy O'Hara, Jabbar Collins, David Ranta, Jeffrey Deskovic, Derrick Hamilton and Samuel Kellner, to name just a few.

I'd like to add to this list, posthumously, the dearly departed "Kung-Fu Judge", John Phillips. I hope that he looked on and performed a kata in our name.

The Amsterdam News has, as its cover story for last week's edition, "New Day, New D.A.", celebrating his primary victory.

Of course, nothing is set in stone until November. Just in case, if you aren't aware of this - Charles Hynes' name is still on the ballot for the November elections...and this is where I believe that he may be attempting an end run around the will of the voters of Kings County.

In past challenges, Hynes has used a manuever called the Wilson Pakula to ensure victory against tough challengers. From Wikipedia:

A Wilson Pakula is an authorization given by a political party to a candidate for public office in the State of New York which allows a candidate not registered with that party to run as its candidate in a given election.

The name refers to the Wilson Pakula Act of 1947, authored by state senator Irwin Pakula and then-assemblyman (and future governor) Malcolm Wilson, which forbids candidates from receiving the nomination of a political party if they are not registered as a member of that party, unless they receive permission to enter the primary from party officials representing a majority of the vote in the jurisdiction.[1]

How is it that he has the ability to pull this out of his pocket at any given time? From my researches, this is a quid-pro-quo from the Brooklyn Republican Party for not having Albert Cleary arrested and charged with the murder of Mark Fisher - you know the case - the Grid Kid Slaying, if I recall correctly.

All available evidence indicates that Mark Fisher was found not more than 50 feet away from Albert Cleary's home. Amazingly, he was never questioned seriously as a suspect in the killing, if at all. John Guica was left holding the bag for Mark's death; despite non-existent evidence as to his participation, and a case of jury misconduct that I could stroll through, on stilts.

That being said...what's stopping Hynes from gathering enough votes to steal the election from Thompson, all the while maintaining that "he isn't running"?

I would like for Hynes to have his name removed from November's ballot, if he is truly sincere about not running.

Anything else is foolish.

Update (10/04/2013): Ken Thompson voices his suspicions on the Brian Lehrer Show

Charles Hynes to run on the GOP line for DA seat - amNY

Like it has been said...insanity is watching the same thing happen, time after time, yet expecting that the next outcome will differ from the last.

If wishes were horses, fools would be sherrifs.

For example, check out this story: GOP Chairman Breaks Law, Endorses Embattled Incumbent US Senator

The only thing I'll post is this: 

Neither the Executive Committee as a body, nor the Officers, nor the TRP’s paid staff members, nor a County Republican Party or Executive Committee as a body, nor County Republican Party Chairmen shall endorse a Republican candidate in a contested primary election.”

I did note that Governor Andrew Cuomo has unveiled a bill repealing the manuever - "Cuomo Unveils Wilson-Pakula Repeal, Electoral Reform". NY State of Politics. April 30, 2013 (Retrieved September 11, 2013).

On the so-called "Robin Hood Tax":

Why is it okay for you and I to pay taxes on a sandwich, but not on financial transactions?

It was calculated that at 1%, 37 QUADRILLION DOLLARS could be accrued.

That's for ONE YEAR.

Let's hear about how this will "hurt the economy".

If that's the case, shouldn't we limit the amounts paid to brokers? I mean, we don't want to hurt the economy, right?