Is It "Cool" To Rape, Rob and Steal?

Before I begin - let me give a proper welcome back to Howard "Gatemouth" Graubard.

Thanks for the reintroduction in your latest piece, "The Gateway (Return of Room 8 Edition) [ENDING REVISED]" - only I don't understand why you would rehash something that failed to stick when you first threw it at me.

We had a much more civilized discussion in this piece: "There's More To Black Americans Than Street Corner Sales" - I was even mentioned in The Atlantic:

Another Plus: Legal Drugs are Safer Although he acknowledges the potential for serious prescription drug addiction, such as the current popularity of potent painkillers such as Oxycontin, Vincent Nunes points out that legalization and regulation of drugs as pharmaceuticals "takes away the inherent dangers of wayward drug production; namely the substitution of fillers to replace certain elements." 

As far as I'm concerned - I won that argument hands down.

Let's check out some lyrics to a "popular" song, Pussy Niggaz by E-40 (feat. Bo Haggan, Lil' Scrappy):

Wut Is E-Feezy Up In Dis Mutha Fucker
We Got Dat Nigga Scrappy Up In Dis Mutha Night
We Got Dat Nigga Bo Haggan Up In Dis Mutha Fuckah
I Wont Play No Games Wit Chu Pussy Niggas
I Fuck Round Pull Dat Thang On U Pussy Niggas
I'm To Clean To Try Ta Swang Wit Chu Pussy Niggas
I B-Bang B-Bang Bang On U Pussy Niggas [x2]
Flicking Yellow Tape Like Jocking
Bullet Casings On Da Sidewalk On Da Soil Block We Flicking
Making Da Yedi Dat We Earn
Fresh Braids And Cavadesses N Dem Dreadlocks N Dem Perms
We Slicker Den Worm Sperm
Mouthpiece Mayne
Yea I Hear Ya Minga Mi Ninga
We Can Talk Our Way Outta Anything
Con Ur Wife Outta Her Wedding Ring
Manipulate (Wut Else)
I Can Say A Freddy Crugar Ass Dream
Magazine Street Laced And Groomed
Dr. K Pimp Then A Tycoon
I Smell Like Suckah Repelent You Smell Like Perfume
If Dis Was A Kid Party You Wouldn't Pop A Balloon
Nigga U Go All Good Nigga I Go All Bad
My Music B In Da Hood
Ya Music B In A Pad
Some Of Mi Niggas Smoke Backwoods
Some Of Mi Niggas Smoke Zads
Mi Nigga B Catching Bodies
Ya Niggas B Catchin Cabs
I Wont Play No Games Wit Chu Pussy Niggas
I Fuck Round Pull Dat Thang On U Pussy Niggas
I'm To Clean To Try Ta Swang Wit Chu Pussy Niggas
I B-Bang B-Bang Bang On U Pussy Nigga [x2]
Ya'll Niggas Ain't Real Ya Jus Some Play Play
I Do Ya Dance Sitting On Death Row Like Dre. Day
Have You Ever Seen Boogas Pumps, And Ak'z
Ya Gangsta Wit Hey Hey Hey Ya Dun Say
Hk Called Quite A May Lay Now Dun Dey
Scare Witness's So Dayum Bad Dey Dont Say
Dis Game Will Scare Niggas So Bad Dey Wont Play
Shyt A Nigga Might Draw Down Spray N E-Escape
I'm Da Truth In Da Booth
Or Whether I'm Bustin Through Da Cutless Coupe
A Man Shot Right B Fo Da Cops Come Through
Straight No Chaser 1 8 And Proof Ghetto Child On Da Loose
Off Top Ya'll Niggas Dunno Who I Am
I Bo Haggan Bitch I Blam Blam Blam
I Dun Give A Dayum Dun Fuck Wit Mi Fam.
Haggan E-40 Scrap Our Pistols Dun Jam
I Wont Play No Games Wit Chu Pussy Niggas
I Fuck Round Pull Dat Thang On U Pussy Niggas
I'm To Clean To Try Ta Swang Wit Chu Pussy Niggas
I B-Bang B-Bang Bang On U Pussy Nigga [x2]
It's To My Advantage To Call A Challenge
Knocking My Ballads And I Bet Chu Wont Say Shyt
Any Nigga With Balls Straight Knock Of His Face Quick
I Can Keep Turnin Mi Cheek But I Ain't Got Da Patience
All Energized Up An Blown Up Fo Da Camera
U Dun Want Me To Git Gone Real And Bam Ya
Slam Ya N Den Put Cha Down In A Hammer
Boy Lookin Misarable Cuz He Ran Outta Stamina
Roll Up A Blunt Like Some Blue Mint Sleeve
Make Ya Fade Ta Blank Like Ya Name Wuz Jay-Z
Hey Baby U Will Never Date Me Straight Ready Baby Rolled Up On Da Street
All Mi Enemies Lay It Down On Your Knees
Or I'll B Forced To Release
Nigga Please
Make Every Nigga Bleed In Ur Click
Like Dey Wuz Sick Wit Some Kinda Diease
I Wont Play No Games Wit Chu Pussy Niggas
I Fuck Round Pull Dat Thang On U Pussy Niggas
I'm To Clean To Try Ta Swang Wit Chu Pussy Niggas
I B-Bang B-Bang Bang On U Pussy Nigga [x2]

I heard this at least twice when I was working the other day.

Have I missed my calling?

I'm 6'4" and quite large. Should I instruct my nephew and other young men in the neighborhood about not being a "pussy nigga" like that song says?

What kind of crap is this, anyway?

I listen to classic rock whenever I do listen to music. My tastes stray towards harder stuff, but I also listen to classical music, jazz (I've even dabbled in country music, since what is called "rock" these days is so lacking), and of course, I grew up listening to R&B with a smattering of hip-hop, along with the pioneers of rap, like Grandmaster Flash, Biz Markie and others. I appreciate rap as an art form. One of my former classmates is blind. At recess, he would go out and sit along the fence while us other kids ran around, and would bang out self-created raps on his lunchbox. He could also seem to find me, no matter where I was. 

This stuff, however, doesn't seem to advance rap as anything artful; instead, it glorifies stupidity. It glorifies bad English. It glorifies every stupid headline out there in every bloody newspaper every day.

I've read that, in fact, the mainstream media doesn't even report what is termed "Black on White" crimes in their totality. Purportedly, this is to keep the lid on what would logically cause outrage in our society. I've seen some of the statistics, but I believe that their parameters are skewed, and they don't truly reflect what's happening out there.

This is something the racists in our world want to continue to occur. It gives them their "red meat", so to say. Try to argue that we can hope for a level of civility, and you'll get this crap thrown in your face.

You have to see this - from James Edwards' Political Cesspool:

Did her mom misspell Erica?

Category: Blacks, Schools

Strange name

She’s from Memphis, naturally.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (FOX13) – Parents in support of new and controversial charter school Cornerstone Preparatory School in Memphis are taking their message to the Internet, starting an online petition they launched Tuesday.

Cornerstone Prep took over the old Lester School in Binghampton as part of the Achievement School District.

The parents, who call themselves “Prepster Parents,” who launched the online petition felt their children are benefiting from the new leadership at the school but they also say they’ve been disappointed with their efforts to be heard at community meetings.

“Our voices do matter,” said Airwrecka McBride. “If you believe in change and you appreciate the education your children are receiving, we encourage you to reach out.”

The “Prepster Parents” feel the petition is one way they can guarantee their voices will be heard, saying they were disappointed that they were not allowed to speak at a concerned citizens meeting at the Lester Community Center on Saturday.

“He said they didn’t ask the community’s permission to come into the neighborhood and they don’t have enough black teachers,” said Kimberly Bean, who attended Saturday’s meeting. She was shocked at what she was told when she tried to share the progress her daughter has made under the new school system.

Bean says she was told she could only speak if she had concerns about the school.

Bean and McBride both have second graders at Cornerstone and say they don’t share the concerns others have expressed about the racial make up of the school’s staff.

“It’s not Cornerstone’s fault that the top qualifying people for the job were not black,” McBride said. “They want people that can do a good job.”

Can’t argue with her there!


There exists a level of criminality that is elevated beyond the concerns of race. If we could get at the true causes of such crime, we could go a long way to ceasing those mindless attacks upon our elderly members of society, for example.

Remember this?

Or this?

Come on...if you're really this useless, that you have to resort to stealing from an elderly person, you should just go buy a bag of nails, get your useless ass to a mortuary, find a coffin that you can lay your useless carcass into, and nail it shut from the inside.

That's what you can do for society. You're a waste of oxygen and too-expensive sneakers.

What gets me nuts is that some new group is signed up to promote another stupid-ass song with stupid-ass lyrics at the drop of a hat.

What ever happened to rap that was creative? Do you really have to sing about "bitches" and "hoes" and "pimpin'" and "pussy niggaz" to get a record deal? What does one have to do to get a record deal? Like I've said before - someone's lifestyle doesn't concern me...but at least, people shouldn't present a façade of being "thug niggaz" when they're just prison bitches.

You tell me - am I ruining the concept of rap music by inquiring whether it all has to do with negative concepts? Listen - it's the same with devil lyrics in heavy metal. It just cheapens the art form.

I'm sure that there's a couple of songs out there that don't glorify such lyrics...but I don't hear them being played on the rotation in the Top 40.

To the recording industry - you're not doing anyone a favor by catering to the lowest common denominator. I believe that you can stress the importance of intelligence, while at the same time put out a product that entertains people.

What do you say?

Are you up for the challenge?