Let's Ring In the New Year With A New District Attorney

Happy 2013, everyone! It's the first year since 1987 to have non-repeating digits. Yes, I found that somewhere.

Well, the election for Brooklyn District Attorney is a long ways away, but that doesn't mean we can't put a little focus upon it now.

The Village Voice has just posted an article titled Brooklyn Needs a New D.A.

Let's just go with a snippet:

But the Bell case is not the first time Hynes has been accused of using his office for political gain. He pursued charges against a campaign foe, John O'Hara, on the ground that he didn't live in the borough. He indicted his former patron, Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Clarence Norman, not once but four times, after public opinion turned against him.

"What we have right now is not a D.A., but a politician," says George, one of Hynes's opponents in the coming re-election campaign.

The "George" in question is Abraham George, a former Manhattan prosecutor and one of the challengers for the seat Breezy Point Joe has held for the last 23 years. Best of luck to you, sir.

Unfortunately, the article doesn't go to the worst thing in which Hynes has been involved - the saga of the Kung-Fu Judge, the Honorable John L. Phillips (not to mention Sandra Roper and John Kennedy O'Hara), who was divested of his properties and of his fortune by having him declared "incompetent"; remanding him to something masquerading as an assisted living care facility (but would double as San Quentin in a heartbeat); and whom eventually would die alone in an elevator, apart from those who loved him. I've written about it numerous times, and the enormity of it still shocks me to the core.

All the Kung-Fu Judge did was to announce that he planned to run against Hynes. Running for office should NOT come with a death sentence.

The article also misses another case - the case of John Giuca and Mark Fisher. I'm not aware if the article needed limiting, but if you wanted to press home the point regarding prosecutorial misconduct, I think this would have been a pretty good case to mention. The last I remember of this case, the New York Post had taken on the odd view of maligning the intentions of Doreen Giuliano, John's mother, for what she had done to get at the truth behind the matter of her son being found guilty of a crime most likely committed by another party, someone who acted as a witness, but for all intents and purposes, should at least have been considered a possible perpetrator in the murder of Mark Fisher.

I recently came up against some ill-prepared pro-GMO activists, and when I say "ill-prepared", baby, I'm not blowing smoke here. But as for making any headway...not a chance. It was like trying to talk a fat guy out of chowing down on a Baconator. 

Forget about it.

Logic hasn't any impact on their reasoning.

Facts haven't any impact upon their reasoning.

It's just incredible to me to see how far someone will go to support "technology". It's just the opposite, folks. The scientists "shoot" genes into the organisms, wait to see what happens, and then, if it doesn't mutate too much, they offer that crap to us as FOOD.

That's not sound science.

It's no wonder that $47 MILLION was spent to stop Prop 37 from passing.

What was more appalling was that even with this expenditure, the morons had to commit vote fraud in order to stop Prop 37 from passing. As Jon Rappaport reported: how do you call an election result early for ballots that will not be counted on Election Day? There were ballots mailed in on Election Day, so there's no way to account for how many of those ballots were to arrive; no way to account for what vote would be taken; and yet, the results were decided early.

Didn't 90% of this country indicate that they would like to know what's in their food?

I guess these companies aren't so proud of their FrankenFoods, after all.

In way other news...Peter Parker is no longer the Amazing Spider-Man - his body is now occupied by the mind of Otto Gunther Octavious, known formerly as Doctor Octopus, the first supervillian to actually defeat and unmask the fledgling superhero. Of course, his ego would not allow him to think that he had been challenged by a teenager in the first place, and so he disregarded the challenge. This would prove to be his undoing many battles later. But now that the mind of Doc Ock occupies the body of the famed crimefighter, is there anything that can stop him?

Just the conscience of Peter Parker, and possibly the affection that he once felt for Peter's Aunt May, whom he almost married at one point.

His intellect is said to surpass Peter's - will that prove to be the case?

We'll find out when The Superior Spider-Man hits stands in a couple of days.

Way to go avoiding that fiscal cliff. What will we face next - a fiscal waterfall?

Congress - let's do better for America. Voting down your automatic pay raise this year is a good start, but let's keep it going. Let's concentrate on making America great again.

Once again - won't you sign John's new petition? It can be found here: http://signon.org/sign/a-pardon-for-a-man-convicted