The One Hundred Million Dollar Penny (Updated - S.1867)

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Please go to this YouTube link - The One Hundred Million Dollar Penny - the video is 6 and a half minutes, and it explains very clearly what has happened to the American economy.

Special thanks go to Presidential candidate Ron Paul, who called for the audit of the Federal Reserve, and to Karen Kwiatkowski.

Of course, thanks also to the creator of this video.

I don't have quite that many pennies laying around, but I do know that they are all composed of copper.

You'll see this at the video link:

1 penny = $100,000,000
2 Bailouts.
$700,000,000,000 Tarp Bailout: 7000 pennies ($70)
$16,000,000,000,000 Secret Federal Reserve Bailout: 160,000 pennies ($1600)

Thanks to the cowardice of Woodrow Wilson and the spineless, traitorous senators back in 1913, we have our current situation.

Let's take our country back.

Just found this:

Confirmed: The Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That Could End Financial Tyranny

The writer, David Wilcock, has received death threats after posting this article. Read it for yourself, and see what you take from it.

Whew! That was a long read. Hopefully, some of you have taken the time to peruse said document, just to get the flavor of the story.

UPDATE: S. 1867 passed today, of all days, on Bill Of Rights Day.

Watch and listen as Judge Andrew Napolitano and Senator Rand Paul discuss some ramifications.