Unintended Consequences Only To The Brain-Dead (Updated with Scott Olsen contact info)

Last Friday, I visited a friend of mine who watches tons of television. The show 20/20 was on, and I caught most of the episode, which starred Stephanie Madoff Mack, the stepdaughter of Bernard Madoff. Stephanie was married to Mark Madoff, the son who committed suicide after turning in his father for his various malfeasances. She has put out a book, titled "The End Of Normal", which highlights the sequence of events that eventually led to the arrest and incarceration of Bernard Madoff.


Imagine my shock, when I heard on CBS 880 radio, that Ruth, Bernard's wife, intimated that she and Bernard "attempted suicide".

Let's quickly sum something up - a lot of people "attempt suicide", and a lot of those individuals succeed.

A lot of people would like to amass $65 billion dollars; not a lot of those people succeed.

Mike Lupica has a story in the Daily News - you should check it out.


According to a story on Bloomberg, The Madoff family may still be able to recoup $82 million dollars of "other investors' money".


Are you getting it yet?

I was pleased to hear that one of the aims of the Occupy Wall Street movement is to endorse something I and many others have posited: a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax. The link will take you to an interview on Press TV with Webster Tarpley.


I haven't talked much about the events of September 11th, 2001, recently, but I have an interersting parallel to note: just as the video feed covering Jane Standley posing in front of the still-at-the-time standing Salomon Brothers Building (WTC 7) was "interrupted" just before the building actually came down; both ABC and CBS News, covering the Occupy Oakland protest, cut away as the officers proceeded to charge the crowd, first hitting Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen in the head with a tear gas canister, then following up with a flash-bang grenade, as the crowd attempted to move Olsen to safety.

Update: Cards, letters of support and other tokens of appreciation can be sent to:

USMC Scott Olsen

Highland Hospital

1411 East 31st Street

Oakland, CA 94602 


To Oakland Mayor Jean Quan - you've some explaining to do, pal. I understand you may be out of a job soon.

Okay; now for some more fun with my boy, Howie. Rock Hackshaw posted a piece, ANOTHER BROOKLYN POLITICAL STORY: “STRIVING TO FILL SOME VERY BIG SHOES”, which dealt with the Davis family, James E. Davis' murder/assasination, and Geoffrey's candidacy. Of course, Howie had his two cents to throw into the pot. Rock calls him on it, and in the comments, we get this tidy little hit-and-run:

"I consider my fight with Nunes a badge of honor--I should get an award from the anti-defamation league."

Howie - Abe Foxman and David Harris can go shine a turd and stick it on a pedestal for all I care. I notice you hadn't any comment when I posted the piece calling out the idiot who made the three signs that the media harped all over, while attempting to pretend that the Occupy Wall Street movement was a figment of everyone's imagination.

Your issue with me seems to stem from the fact that you can't bloody tell me what to do. I don't have the "slave mentality". When I walk around our fair city, I walk with my eyes up. I achieved the highest level of reading comprehension before completing the sixth grade. I actually have a trophy that I received at a private session, presented to me by my educational district, for CREATIVITY. You, and some lesser lights, have tried (and FAILED) to relegate me to the status of being some hateful racist.

The one thread that all but the brain-dead can perceive in my postings is that I am anti-crime. That includes white-collar crime, as well as the purse-snatchers, muggers, rapists and other scum of the earth. I find that the punishments afforded to white-collar crimes don't even come close to punishing the perpetrators. If you threw some of those inside traders into Rikers Island for a fortnight, unless they fell in love, those individuals would NOT repeat their crimes.

When I found fault with a fifth of our elected individuals being suborned by a foreign nation, all you can see is that I'm singling out said nation, and then you attempted to tell me that I was being selective; but the truth is that the intended nation has the most unique relationship with the United States, that they are not required to register as a foreign nation; and that registration allows thems amenities that NO OTHER FOREIGN NATION CAN POSSIBLY HAVE.

You shouldn't be allowed to attempt to paint someone as "hateful" for pointing out a TRUTH.

But hey - you have shown some restraint, as you actually had to be enticed into commenting on my person this time.

So, enjoy that turd/badge. I hope you display it proudly, and spray it once in a while.

By the way, everyone - don't miss Face The Nation this Sunday - I understand that Bob Schieffer is going to examine presidential candidate Herman Cain's utterly confounding campaign commercial.


Stephen Colbert has actually done some great send-ups of said commercial.


Have a great weekend, everyone, and Happy Hallowe'en!