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40 Tons of GMO Crops TORCHED in America, Media Blackout (Repost)

This story was not released to the world at large:

40 Tons of GMO Crops TORCHED in America, Media Blackout - See more at:

40 Tons of GMO Crops TORCHED in America, Media Blackout

Do The Poor Deserve To Be Poor?

David Brooks wrote an Op-Ed in The New York Times on January 16th that opined that the "poor deserved their fate", and that "income being misconceved".

You can read this at

Let ask ourselves - just what has David Brooks done that he deserves any more than you and I?

From Wikipedia:

An Epic Fail On Our Children

Future generations will certainly have some questions regarding how this generation's children were brought up - and I can't blame them.

The first story is one in which you may be well-acquainted: Myls Dobson was abused to the point of death when he was left in the care of his imprisoned father's girlfriend (update: not born a woman), and his mother proved to be without means.

I understand that there were other relatives who could have cared for the boy. This is Epic Fail #1.

The Fox And The Hen House

Door R3 on car #9719 had failed.

This is on the newest version of the MTA IND/BMT trains. I happen to like these trains because of the large door sizes and the number of doors available. The former trains had larger cars, but less doors because of them.

I'm happy to state that I, along with a great number of New Yorkers, made it through the Polar Vortex intact (Update: I was told on Thursday that the term "polar vortex" was designated back in 1974 - who knew?).

A Miracle In Wisconsin - Jon Rappoport

Happy New Year, dear readers!

There's a lot of stuff heading our way, but I just found this piece, and maybe my dear readers could spread this article around. I'll see you all in 2014.

Merry Christmas And Happy Hannukah To My Dear Readers!

This year is all but done, and I would like to wish Happy Holidays to all!

Next year begins the tenures of our Mayor-Elect Bill de Blasio, Kings County District Attorney-Elect Ken Thompson, Public Advocate-Elect Letitia James and Comptroller-Elect Scott Stringer, among others.

I'm looking forward to a new era in New York politics, and know that I, along with the majority of New York, will be watching.

Incuriosity Will Be The Death Of The United States Of America

"I just hate being lied to and being taken for a fool, and I can’t help letting it show."

This is a line from the latest piece by David Martin, also known as DC Dave. He is a kindred spirit and the author of Seventeen Techniques For Truth Supression.

What do I mean by incuriosity?

Should Baruch Lebovits Not Have To Register As A Sex Offender?

I had planned to write a scathing piece on child molestation and how disgusted I am with the entire idea.

I Was There On November 5th

History was made last night.

It almost doesn't feel real...but on the morning of Wednesday, November 6th, Bill de Blasio became Mayor of New York City.

Ken Thompson became District Attorney of Kings County.

Letitia James became Public Advocate.

Scott Stringer became Comptroller.

More importantly - Breezy Point Joe was shown the door.

Business As Usual In HynesWorld

Tomorrow's the big day, dear readers!

I was actually going to pen a piece satirizing (only because we don't have actual video of what actually occurs) of Hynes outlining his prosecution/persecution of John Kennedy O'Hara, and I would have thrown in a bit about screwing the Kung-Fu Judge, John Phillps...and then I arrived this morning, only to find so many instances of lying and misuse of resources, that I'm simply going to re-post the healdlines of those pieces:

The Niggers Are Coming!

This is the real tale of two cities.

The title is essentially Charles "Joe" Hynes' campaign message.

Sounds outrageous, yes?

Explain this, then:

I Call 'Em Like I See 'Em

I don't play favorites.

Let it be known that Vincent Nunes is no hypocrite.

I've called out outgoing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg on his ill-advised soda ban, and I would be remiss in not reporting that Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio is planning to take up said soda ban.

C'mon, Bill - don't ride on this vote-loser.

Two stories came up in my daily searches, both from Failed Messiah. The first:

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