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I'm just going to share a letter with you in response to an article on Al Jazeera that I saw the other day:

Just Foreign Policy

Trayvon Martin Wouldn't Want Race Riots In His Name, Part Deux

I have had some trouble getting around to posting a new least, until today.

I can't say for certain what has been disturbing me to the point that I couldn't put idea to paper, in a sense. Certainly, there's a lot to talk about.

First, let's dig right into the George Zimmerman trial.

I'm not glued to the television, trying to peer into every aspect of the trial. There's only one facet of the case that needs examination: did George Zimmerman shoot Trayvon Martin in self-defense?

Is George Zimmerman The New Bernhard Goetz?

Have you all heard these sayings:

"Orange is the new Black"

"Thursday is the new Friday"

I hate that crap.

Calling something or referring to something as "new" hardly makes that thing any better than it was.

That being said...I present my latest piece with exactly that phrasing; however, I think you'll find it oddly appropriate.

The "Incident" Explained

Happy Friday, everyone!

I just finished bringing a PC back from the dead, and successfully creating an image for said PC. It was built for a specific service, and recreating it out of whole cloth would have taken time and resources away from a number of individuals.

I performed a number of mental and technological gymnastics today, if I may say so myself.

After all of the fun had subsided, I decided to take a break and check out CNN.

I didn't know exactly what I would find.

Brooklyn D.A., Episode Three - My Review

Before we get to this week's review of the infomercial titled "Brooklyn D.A.", let's talk about PRIVACY.

Brooklyn D.A., Episode Two - My Review

I'm pleased to see that I'm not alone in calling "Brooklyn D.A." an informercial...and a badly-done one, at that.

I need for someone to explain exactly why the Asia Ross case was used at all. I think that time would have been better spent explaining the wrongful conviction of John Guica, for example; or how about why Jabbar Collins spent 16 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit; but be it far from me to tell these guys how to do their job.

But...what was the job here?

Brooklyn D.A., Episode One - My Review

Abe George, candidate for the Office Of District Attorney of the borough of Brooklyn, brought a lawsuit against a so-called reality show titled "Brooklyn D.A." and CBS, the channel on which the show would air. The show has aired, despite charges that it is only serving as an informercial for the current D.A., Charles "Joe" Hynes and serves as an improper campaign contribution.

Ready For Mayor Weiner?

Let me jump right in - there's a heap of things to get to, dear readers.

The disaster in Oklahoma - please consider donating $10 directly to the Oklahoma City Food Pantry by texting "FOOD" to 32333, to help those affected by the tornado.

I came to an interesting conclusion the other day. 


How can I say such a thing?

Tax Debt Is The New Slavery

What do Willie Nelson, Wesley Snipes Gordon "Sting" Sumner,  Dionne Warwick and now Lauryn Hill have in common?

They have all fallen victim to a judgment against them due to non-payment of taxes.

When I first heard what happened to Sting, it was to the tune of TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS. He was on the Howard Stern Show with his girlfriend/wife Trudy.

He mentioned that his accountant had screwed him; however, I never heard anything further in regards to that screwing.

End Backroom Deals, And The Machine Starves

I hope everyone had a good Cinco de Mayo!

John Sampson was entrapped by Shirley Huntley - that's the long and short of it.

But...was it just a ploy to take both players out of the game?

Read this excerpt for the Times-Union piece:

Render Unto Caligula

I really shouldn't have to work another day in my life.

I mentioned back in late March that I had a fall due to a treacherous patch of sidewalk.

I never went to the hospital; nor did I sue.

Someone else, however, did sue the City of New York, after falling on an area of sidewalk not far from where I fell.

Not one week passed after that fall, when construction began - as of now, all of the bad areas of sidewalk have been repaired.

That sidewalk has troubled my neighborhood for DECADES.

Droning On

Mayor Bloomberg continues in his attempts to turn New York City into the Nanny Captial of the world.

His latest attempt to control what you and I do has lead him to attempt to raise the age of tobacco users to 21.

So - go ahead, sign up and possibly die for your country, but heaven forbid you should light up a stogie!

What You Talkin' 'Bout, Mikey?

Mayor Michael R. you season your foot before you stick it in your mouth?

Before I go off, let me state here, for the record, that I actually relished the idea of your becoming the mayor of New York City after the mess Rudulph Giuliani made of things. I knew that you couldn't be bought; not with the finances at your command.

What I, and the rest of New York City, didn't count on, was for you to sit in Gracie Mansion, and all of a sudden decide that you're the HNIC.

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