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We The People Have The Power To Effect Change

Are we going to have an early spring? I guess that li'l furry guy will let us know on Saturday. Let's hope Bill Murray isn't anywhere around.

I've made much of the idea that we can make a difference when we need to do so. One little girl did just that:

A TV Break

Ever since my "incident", I've had a lot of time on my hands, but not necessarily any way of doing much about it. As you can see, my situation has improved somewhat. Thanks must go to my caring health professionals and my dearest friends, with the biggest thanks afforded to someone very special to me. Thanks so much, for everything.

One unforeseen circumstance of my "incident" is that I have had the opportunity to view more television than I've had in the last couple of decades.

Show ME The Money!

I just realized that I should be in Fareed Zakaria's tax bracket.

Let me begin with an excerpt from an excellent piece from Paul Craig Roberts:

Let's Ring In the New Year With A New District Attorney

Happy 2013, everyone! It's the first year since 1987 to have non-repeating digits. Yes, I found that somewhere.

Well, the election for Brooklyn District Attorney is a long ways away, but that doesn't mean we can't put a little focus upon it now.

The Village Voice has just posted an article titled Brooklyn Needs a New D.A.

Let's just go with a snippet:

2013 - A New Paradigm

Let me begin by wishing all of you a very Happy New
Year - I hope that your holidays were joyous.

We are about to enter a new year - 2013.

Why not make this the beginning of a new paradigm?

Let's begin a new age of accountability and responsibility.

One step is to right those wrongs that are blatant and in your face.

Let's Just Label Non-GMOs!

Hey - we survived another apocalypse!

I did a posting in regards to Whole Foods Supermarket climbing in bed with Monsanto not too long ago; little did I realize that this wasn't just a late-night, drunken outcall - this liaison was fully sanctioned:

Vincenzo's Crock Pot #15 - It's The End Of The World As We Know It

A man who produces something of value, or helps to keeps things that produce something of value working, are worth more and should be compensated more than one who just moves monies around. Banks are no longer "risking money"; indeed, if there's any risk, it's borne upon We The People.

I just want you to think about that.

You should read Philip Giraldi's article, Christmas in Connecticut.

What Do Criminals Care About Gun Laws? (Updated w/ Natural News Preface)

This is a preface to the article - what has been missing from my analysis of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting is the pharmaceutical angle.

What do pharmaceuticals have to do with this shooting?

The Maniacs Among Us

Now the bastards are attacking our children!

What can we do about this?

Let's Break The Taboo

I just found this at DrugWarRant  - there's a film set to open tomorrow called Breaking The Taboo - see the trailer now.

From their web site:

Welcome To The U.N., Palestine!

The Ghost Of Vincenzo's Crock Pot #14

Don't know how it happened, but the last post duplicated itself.

So, in the spirit of the man O'Hara was named after, here's a speech by John Fitzgerald Kennedy, courtesy of BobCesca:

The Drug War Is On The Non-Affluent

Good morning, and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

It's Black Friday - what did you purchase today?

I found a very interesting YouTube clip - click on the following paragraph to check it out:

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