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James Traficant – A Real American Hero

I promised this piece some time ago, and what better day to present this than on Memorial Day?

“The trouble with politics is that not enough people are involved.”

Jim was a quarterback with an impressive record.

He later became a sheriff in Youngstown, Ohio, where he contends that the local mobsters were in collusion with the FBI. Due to his contention, he was indicted, a case he beat.

Monsanto's RoundUp Causing Colony Collapse Disorder In Bees? Four Years After The Bees Are Gone, We're Next

I've posted a number of articles in regards to the dangers that Monsanto poses to life on earth.

Think about this: what's the logic in having the largest pesticide company controlling our food supply, especially with the idea that Monsanto has monkeyed with the genes of various organisms and have made them utterly unsuited for consumption?

Did you know that Monsanto used to market seeds with their patented Terminator technology? What the hell does that even mean?

Can Debt Forgiveness Work For The U.S.?

Can Debt Forgiveness Work For The U.S.?

Let's check out this article by Mandelman:

Debt Forgiveness – The IMF, Iceland, and the U.S. of the 1930s all say it works

The International Monetary Fund (“IMF”), in its latest World Economic Outlook, stated quite clearly that mortgage write-downs, among other forms of debt forgiveness, can deliver significant economic benefits by substantially mitigating the negative impact of deleveraging on a nation’s economic activity.

"Reconditioned" Food?

Guess what?

I beat diabetes.

I'm actually approaching what has been determined as my proper BMI.

I won't lie - it's been a really painful month, but it's worth it to regain control of my body.

The Grass IS Greener On The Other Side

Isn't it interesting that most of the quaint sayings you and I have shared throughout the years all seem to have been turned on their heads?

For example, "Sticks and stones" should be a familiar refrain; yet there are those whose livelihoods have been taken from them for the simple utterance of contrary information. Take this letter to the Editor, Andrew Rosenthal, of the New York Times:

Trayvon Martin Wouldn't Want Race Riots In His Name

It's getting very weird out there, dear readers.

I'm fairly certain that the names Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman are pretty familiar, yes?

Here's what we know: Martin, armed with a pack of Skittles, a can of iced tea, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt (now made infamous by Rep. Bobby Rush), was confronted, and eventually murdered by Zimmerman.

How Does One Solve 99% Of Crimes? Find Out Who Benefitted

Before I get into this very interesting piece, let's talk about PROMIS.

PROMIS stands for PROsecutor's Management Information Systems, and was created by Bill and Nancy Hamilton, under their company, INSLAW.

INSLAW had created this incredible bit of software, and planned on licensing it to the government.

The government did indeed want it...but they didn't want to pay the Hamiltons.

Just How Many Unlicensed Assisted Living Care Facilities Are Out There, Anyway?


I've made a huge deal about our representatives not performing the will of We The People; well, I think that I have found vindication with the information within this piece from the Charleston Voice:

Iceland Throws Off Yoke Of Debt Slavery (Updated - 1% Tip A Hoax)

Many people decry the situation in which America currently finds itself, but not everyone has a solution readily at hand.

I offer a solution: no more INTEREST.

Interest is a component of the economy that doesn't exist in the money supply. Interest was designed as a form of compensation for those who would lend out monies, or as a way for their money to accrue value while being borrowed by others.

Here's the problem:

Monsanto Is Bad News (Updated With Information that Should Startle You)

What more must I do to get you, dear readers, to understand that Monsanto is BAD NEWS?

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