Barack Obama Has Nothing to Fear

Now that Al Sharpton has once again let it be known that he's thinking of running for President, allow me to remind everybody of some facts.

These facts, I'm sure, will be ignored by NY1, which has already I presume scheduled their usual weekly series of interviews with Rev. Al where they will treat him with a straight face like he really is a serious candidate.

Here are the facts.

Two years ago when Al claimed to be running for President,, Sharpton lost the black majority District of Columbia primary to Howard Dean, finished 3rd with less than 10% in South Carolina where Blacks were 50% of the turnout and lost badly to “soul brother” John Kerry in both of Central Brooklyn’s Congressional districts.

Al was able to eat some nice meals at various restaurants around the country with campaign funds. I don't think splitting the Black vote will the reason Barack Obama doesn't run.