John Faso's Fuzzy Match

I was amused by a story in the Buffalo News about an attempt to do away from some tolls on the thruway up there.

John Faso pledged to eliminate with the tolls (an idea that has merit) but his explanation of where the lost money would come from is the amusing part: 

Faso said he would end the tolls and replace the lost toll revenue by separating the New York State Canal Corp. from the Thruway Authority.

The canal agency, which oversees the state's sprawling canal system upstate, had its budget transferred to the Thruway Authority in 1991 to save money in the state's general fund. Since then, the canal office has been a financial drain on the Thruway.

Faso said the canal agency has cost the Thruway system $68 million this year

While that does explain how the Thruway Authority could afford to give up the $, the fiscal conservative and budget expert apparently does understand that the State government (and it's taxpayers), which both the canal system and Thruway Authority are part of, would then still have the find the money somewhere.