The Incredible Shrinking Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani's truly pathetic showing in the Michigan Republican Primary - he finished 6th with 2.8%, over 30,000 votes behind Ron Paul has been largely ignored by the pundits who are instead talking about Romney's win and what happens next.

In fact some of the pundits are saying the results help Rudy.

But Michigan continues a pattern of Rudy's support dropping in every state from sky high poll numbers to a low number of actual votes.

Let's look back at some facts that Rudy's campaign doesn't want anyone to remember.

At the beginning of 2007, Rudy led every poll in Iowa. According to Real Clear Politics, there were 4 polls made public between January 16 and February 18 and Rudy led them all, with 29% in the Feb. 18 poll. As recently as the November Iowa State University poll, he was 3rd with 16% of the vote. But when the Iowa Republicans actually voted, Rudy finished 6th with 3.5%!

In New Hampshire, Rudy was in first in a July American Research Group poll with 27% to Romney 26%, with John McCain in 4th with 10%. As late as November 29, Rudy was 2nd with 22% in another ARG poll. But when the New Hampshire votes were cast, Rudy was 4th with 8.5%!

Now, Michigan, where Rudy led in October and early November in 3 polls with a high in the November poll by the Detroit News of 28%, he finished with, I repeat, 2.8%!

Later this week, we have South Carolina & Nevada, two other states that polls showed Rudy leading in 2007 but where now he will be lucky to finish in the top 5.

And then there is Florida, the state that Rudy has always led, until this week, when it happened again, he dropped to 2nd and his numbers are shrinking, shrinking ...