33 shot 61 points! James hit a new record of his career,tonight he deserved king of the world

Miami Heat 124-107 home victory over the Charlotte Bobcats , LeBron James(Nike LeBron 11 Ring Night PE) hit a career masterpiece , the audience voted 33 of 22 , Trey 8 of 10 shots , ho to take 61 points, seven rebounds and five assists in tying the individual single-game record three hits , while more personal career scoring record by more than 5 ppm . Today is the first game, the Heat Bobcats(Air Jordan 10 Bobcats) kick home two consecutive games back to back , they will rush to Houston the night , ready for tomorrow 's game against Houston . Two-phase balance, apparently more worthy Heat rocket attention , so today Dwyane Wade chose to rest , while the Heat have James with his full capacity from the outset , intended to resolve the fighting Yangjing early child build sharp . Heat intent from James(Nike Lebron 10 EXT Denim) rotation time and will be able to get a glimpse of attacking options . This season, James averaged only hit 1.4 three-pointers , but only the first half today, he voted three on three , and three are very decisive shot , section II to 9 minutes and 22 seconds , he grabbed offensive rebounds after train transported directly uprooted on the radio , the entire attack took only five seconds ! Such shot selection , in the previous game , James , is very rare . In addition, there are several James " a pick more" attacking the basket , and when he laid out ready posture when the assault was launched , it basically tells you that the two points I made up ! Even if it is the first time shot wide under the interference , but also by virtue of his strong body from the vote since the looting, tipped hit . Half finished, James has 8 of 13 shots to get 23 points , but the fact since then have shown that this is only just beginning. After the second half began , James intensified, outside fire raging round to the next round . Section III only one , he hit five three-pointers, in his eyes, this time as a broad basket necessarily to the Milky Way , the third quarter hit the 1 minute 15 seconds left , he was there from the basket two meters distance is not unreasonable to jump shot , shines into not mistaken ! This was the eighth shot of the game , James , was also the first 8 hits, tied his personal career on this single-game record for three-point shooting . After the goal, the whole audience rose to worship their god of basketball , James also put considerable style to incite action, so the atmosphere is crazy . Game hit this sake , the outcome of suspense has been behind ,coach is also very good grace , in the fourth quarter with a lead of nearly 20 points , James situation continues to remain in the field . James does not live up, constantly refreshed to pick his own score data . 5 minutes and 46 seconds before the whistle , James near the foul line and opponents " physiognomy " for a few seconds , after doing a series of fake cut to the basket and turned in almost a dozen five cases is air dodge playing board shooting , get the first 57 minutes of the game , in this broken March 21, 2005 game against the Raptors hit 56 points personal single-game scoring record . The remainder of the game, James seems to want to challenge the record of three-pointers , but twice failed attempts , plus court points difference has remained between 10 and 15 points , he also has been able to stay in the field , continue challenge their own limits . Pointer with 1 minute 52 seconds , James made two free throws , the game had been 61 points from Carmelo Anthony to keep the season scoring record of 62 points within a whisker . But James did not seem to think of a good thing bad friends , then was benched , Shan Hu tsunami enjoy the home crowd cheers and applause . The beginning of the season, when Rudy Gay after 37 games against the Rockets shot 11 to get 29 points , shot 37 times , James has said can take a 6,70 points. Today's game, he had to prove actual performance of pronouncements by no means an exaggeration . After the game finished, scoring all those questioned James 's voice can also be completely gone.
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