43 +6 +4 +2 +3 james return to Cleveland outbreak

43 +6 +4 +2 +3 james return to Cleveland outbreakMiami Heat away 100-95 to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers , returned to his hometown of LeBron James(Nike LeBron 11 Championship Customs) finally swept away the previous downturn , the audience voted 14 of 19 Contribution 43 points 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals and 3 times cover, but did not make any mistakes ,become the key of the Heat win. After playing the Bobcats(Air Jordan 10 Chicago) since James joined the Heat of the state into the lowest point since the last game against Houston despite the team win , James is still in poor condition , the audience hit 8 of 17 shots less than 50% , the last section more is rely on free throws to get two points. Today's game has a special significance for James , plus Wade holiday , it was his realization outbreak , the best time to get back the rhythm . James did not really let down again , referee whistle, he immediately demonstrated strong aggressive posture one but myself . Opening just one minute , James completed the first shot of the field , the third hit in the left-wing jumper, began his cut of the show. In the next time, James shot crazy , crazy hit, extremely difficult withdrawal step foot jumper, back in the sights on the third, Button fly steals fast break counterattack after 18 turns like weapons show . The first section of the game , James scored 25 points a man , 11 shots and hit 10 balls, including 6 -thirds vote 5 ! Scored 25 points , James(Jordan Melo M10) hit a single scoring a career -high , not only that, over the past 10 years , NBA there have been a total of only 16 single scores of 25 + . It is worth noting that this single 25 + 16 performances, only today the creation of James in the first half , and the other 15 times , 8 times from the third quarter, seven from the fourth quarter. Secrion II began , Knight significantly enhanced defense against James , and sometimes even in the absence of the state began to attack the ball . This played a role to some extent , James itself is stronger than the will to shoot the ball player, the opponent's attack is actually just kind of , just use the opportunity to organize the team . Behind three games , James shot much convergence , but in other ways put more effort , especially on the defensive end : last season, averaging only 0.3 blocks per game , he sent three Kee Hot Pot today . Pointer with 1 minute 32 seconds , the Cavaliers center Spencer Hawes basket forced shots, James positive vertical jump , press the ball down abruptly ; final 28 seconds , 5 points behind Knight launched sights , but also assist Haslem James fan out West driving layup . These two not only brilliant defense , and in the other to prevent counterattack played a crucial role. Offensively, although the fourth quarter is no shooting , but James faced pressure in the final 1 minute 06 seconds 6 free throws , did not leave any chance to the opponent . He also became the season so far only one shot less than 20 times , but got 40 + players. Finally, in front of the home crowd , James once again took the victory , the gap between the Heat and the Pacers reduced to three games .
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