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We are worried about cheap christian louboutin uk the same thing here in Bangui, " a resident Pierre Marcel Kamba told Xinhua on Saturday. Amid grave concern about a state of anarchy, France says its has sent 350 troops to its former colony, where it now has 600 military personnel. It is yet to see how Paris will deal with Seleka after its military intervention drove Al-Qaida linked rebels out of major towns in northern Mali in January. On Sunday, French President Francois Hollande appealed to all the parties in Central African christian louboutin uk sale Republic "for calm and for dialogue" in light of the Libreville accord. The French president "has taken action" on the departure of Bozize and contacted UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, his Chadian counterpart Idriss Deby and the Economic Community of Central African States (CEEAC) on the situation of Central African Republic, according a communique released by l'Elysee. Seleka launched a lightening blitz this week after giving the government a deadline to honor a peace deal louboutin shoes uk signed in January to release political prisoners, integrate rebels into the national army and pull out South African and Ugandan troops deployed in the country to protect the Bangui-based government. The rebels opened a second front northwest of Bangui after capturing Bossembele, while the bulk of Seleka fighters claimed control of Bossangoa and Damara, 75 km from Bangui, which had been seen as a "red line" before the signing of the Libreville accord. There were no reports of resistance when rebels http://www.cnhlc.org.uk/english/sponsor.asp overran both towns in the past days, despite the deployment of troops from the CEEAC between Bangui and Seleka fighters. Fierce fighting erupted between South African troops and rebels on Saturday at the entrance of Bangui, 12 km away from downtown. South African troops sent to Bangui for the military training of local soldiers admitted casualties after two days of fighting with advancing rebels. Seleka launched an insurgency on Dec. 10, 2012, accusing Bozize of failing to christian louboutin sale implement a series of peace accords signed in Libreville since 2007. With the mediation of regional countries, the rival sides again went to Libreville on Jan. 11 to sign another agreement to end the crisis, under which Bozize, who came to power in 2003 in a military coup, will have no part in the next presidential election while allowed to finish his current term of office. A new government of national unity was formed under Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye in February. The christian louboutin outlet government called for dialogue after Seleka detained five cabinet ministers days ago during their visit to Sibut, a transportation hub 180 km from Bangui.
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