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The group said the new christian louboutin discount police boss does not understand the new constitution and wanted to present him with a copy of the constitution so that he can read and understand and thus allow Kenyans to interact freely as they following proceedings at the court. Under the new rules, the police banned idling and noisy mobs from congregating outside Supreme Court and its environs, saying they had become a public nuisance. The police said such congregations were disrupting Court processes and business louboutin shoes sale operations in Nairobi. Several police officers are patrolling the streets to keep away groups of people who are fond of discussing their issues in low tones. "This will be disallowed since strategic buildings were under security surveillance and such mobs are a security threat and should be advised to disperse with immediate effect," Kimaiyo said last week after the country's security committee meeting. The police also cancelled all political rallies across the country to help cheap louboutins uk cool down political temperatures after the peaceful general elections. The rules which were issued after the National Security Advisory Council (NSAC) met last week also advised the country's political leaders to suspend the planned political activities since they pose security threats to the East African nation. The pre-trial conference which is provided for under Rule nine of the Presidential Election Petition Rules shall be held nine days after the filing of the petition. christian louboutin bridal The Supreme Court is on Monday dealing with preliminary and housekeeping matters before the actual hearing begins. The rules require that the hearing must start within two days after the pre- trial conference and will be continuous. The six-Judge bench and the defence teams are also expected to isolate the key issues in the petitions and set the ground rules during the hearings to ensure expeditious conclusion of the cases within the remaining six days as provided for in the constitution. cheap christian louboutin uk Prime Minister Raila Odinga has filed a petition at the Supreme Court disputing the victory of Jubilee Coalition's President–elect Uhuru Kenyatta in the country's March 4 polls. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) announced on March 9 that Kenyatta, son of Kenya's founding father, Jomo Kenyatta, had won the presidential contest with 6.1 million votes. His closest rival, Odinga bagged 5.3 million votes and has disputed the IEBC tally and is urging the christian louboutin uk sale court to nullify the election of Kenyatta as president-elect and William Ruto as Deputy President-elect.
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