Anti Corrosive Fiberglass Dust Collector Fabric with high thermal resistance

Fiberglass dust collector fabric is an ideal filter media perform at high temperature. It is efficiently perform up to 280°c temperature. The Fiberglass Dust Collector Fabric is anti-acid, anti alkali, anti-break and anti-abrasion. It is non shrinking material. The good mechanical quality of the fabric made it an ideal and suitable component for the dust collection. It is highly demanded in the industries like plastics, chemicals, cement, pharmaceuticals, textiles, steel plants, carbon, power generation, and paper and pulp plants etcetera.

Cement Plant Filter Bag is the highly efficient filter bag performs best at the high temperature. Due to the necessity of effective filtration in the cement plant, there must be the highly efficient filter bag used for the filtration. The dust collector filter bag in the cement plant must perform efficiently at the high temperature and also must be effectively retain the finer dust particulates.

The cement filter bag has higher air flow with reduce pressure drop. It is wear and tear filter bags having high power consumption. It is also consists of high tensile properties. The ideal result may found by favorable mechanical arrangements. This highly efficient Dust Collector Filter Bags are specially recommended for the cement plant industry.
Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 05/22/2014 - 8:14am.
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