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The condition does not become worst when lenders refuse to offer loan to borrower as he has good credit record nor has any valuables which lender can take hold of incase of default. If you are facing the same kind of financial disaster and looking for financial assistance then you are at the right place. We offer bad credit loans for 12 months which is designed to tackle with such conditions only.


Tough time and good time are the part of life so one should not leave the weapons of hope because if problem exists that means there is a solution for it for sure. Your salary has get over before the payday and you want financial backup until the next payday and looking for any lender who can offer £500 to you but your poor credit records don’t allow them to offer money to you. No lender wants to offer money at risk. To tackle with such conditions 12 month loans bad credit is designed.


It offers the amount of £500 to the borrower at hard time when he gets nothing else except disappointment from all around. Long term loans is like a second chance for those who have poor credit record or have the issues of bankruptcy, default or any arrear. It offers the money to the borrower even after he is involved in such issues to give him a second chance to make his life better turn. 60 day loans can be availed even by the people with adverse credit rating.

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