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devised in September mulberry outlet last year, that spells out priority measures to be carried out before the current transitional governing arrangements end on Aug 20. Until last year, most of Mogadishu was, for several years, riven by a fluid frontline dividing the two sides -- fighters belonging to the Al-Shabaab movement and troops belonging to Somalia's Transitional Federal Government, with the latter supported by AMISOM's peacekeeping forces. Since the Al-Shabaab withdrawal from the capital's central cheap timberland boots uk parts in August last year, the frontlines were pushed back to the city's surrounding area. However, the use of roadside bombs, grenades and suicide bombers is still a regular occurrence, and outbreaks of fighting still take place. Despite the decrease in the number of fatalities resulting from violence in Sudan's Darfur region, yet continued fighting and increased criminal activities still concern the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) which is tasked with black timberlands peacekeeping in the region. "Compared with 2010, that the number of fatalities arising from direct confrontations between the government and the armed movements has decreased significantly, some will even say up to 70 percent. Similarly, the number of fatalities arising from the conflict over resources between the nomads and the farmers, has gone down almost the same, about 70 percent," the Joint Special Representative and head of UNAMID, Ibrahim Gambari, said in an cheap timberlands exclusive interview with Xinhua. "However, that does not give confidence that all of Darfur is now secured and at peace," he added. The UNAMID chief expressed concern over the criminal activities and continuation of fighting at intermittent areas in the region, saying "the criminal activities seem to be on the increase and also fighting has not stopped throughout Darfur. We still have areas where fighting are going on, for example, Jabel Marrah." "When there is fighting, we are affected, because mulberry outlet uk we have to conduct our patrols and protect the civilians and that is a bit of challenge. When there is fighting, the government often restricts the movement of our patrols and also the armed movements. We would like to have free movements according to the Status of Forces Agreement," he continued. However, Gambari underscored that the mission has managed to play its role in Darfur despite the difficulties, saying "We have three elements of mandate, protecting civilians, facilitating cheap louboutins the delivery of humanitarian assistance to those who are in need and supporting the peace process.
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