Breitling Luxury Watch Bentley GMT Collection at (Piaget) to take new global brand ambassador Gong Li as being a "return" to participate in the 67th International Film Festival in Cannes, France, Earl accompanied.

May 14, 2014, Earl (Piaget) global brand ambassador Gong Li to create the modern movie "Return" elegant attend the 67th Cannes Film Festival. For the red carpet, Gong Li wearing Piaget fine jewelry shine extraordinary light. The trip to Cannes, and Gong Li can be the interpretation of his words and deeds of the company's ultimate quest for film art, share perhaps the most common philosophy with Earl "always do better than required."Wholesale replica Graham London watches 

Red carpet day, Gong Li inside a black lace dress with Earl Rose and Rose Passion series of jewelry and elegant appearance. Brimming with roses complemented by emerald diamond, just like the mysterious garden truer real flowers blooming, and Gong Li oriental charm and magnificence complement 1 another, get to be the focus in the evening.

May 20, in the Cannes Film Festival official "Return" crew Photocall red carpet, Gong Li deliberately chose Earl Rose group of fine jewelry, jewelry watches with Limelight Gala, Rose Bouquet of bright light and chic style with precious stones shine, distant time quietly behind the film tells the romance, touching convey delicate emotions.

That night, the crew screened in the Cannes Film Festival officially kicked from the Cannes Film utero. Gong Li and "Return" all members with the crew attended the wedding, and leave shadows on the official screenings elegant main altar, to this important moment while using the individuals who love the skill of film. On the red carpet, dressed up in Huamei Li Gong clothing, wrist ears Earl Rose series of superb and watches reflects the grace of dazzling brilliance.richard mille rm011 replica

Because Cannes Film Festival to see this film, "Return" has been widespread concern both at home and abroad. The film is directed by Zhang Yimou work together as Gong Li, Chen Dao Ming, Liu Peiqi return movies as well as other cultural meaning and value. Due to huge length of the story's protagonist experienced fluctuations, Gong Li has starred in "Return" as "a normally impossible task." To make the picture more plump protagonist, Gong Li is fully engaged as part of his other life, seriously imitate and ultimately successfully created role. Tireless efforts and resolve forpersistance to pursue the greatest exactly the Piaget brand philosophy coincide. It is this film and art insisted prior to a trip, without having to pay, adventurous attitude Gong Li's superb acting achievements.

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