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Adamawa State Comptroller cheap christian louboutin shoes of Prisons Andrew Barka also confirmed the death of his colleague and escape of the 127 prisoners, who were freed by the gunmen, but said authorities would collaborate with the security operatives to re-arrest the fleeing inmates. "As of Sunday, none of them had been arrested but we're really making efforts to effect that," he said, adding the gunmen destroyed parts of the prison. Xinhua had reported on Friday that unknown gunmen launched multiple attacks on the Ganye cheap christian louboutin shoes uk Divisional Police Headquarters, prison and a bank, quoting several sources who had no full details of the incident. The attack in the northeastern state came barely two months after similar ones were carried out on police stations and prison in Maiha and Song local government areas of the state during which many people died. Adamawa is among northern states where violent attacks had been recorded in Nigeria.Central African Republic President Francois Bozize fled the presidential christian louboutin discount palace in the capital Bangui, where rebels declared control and their triumph on Sunday after months of southward push. "The Rebels control the town... I hope there will not be any reprisals," presidency spokesman Gaston Mackouzangba admitted in the day. "We have taken the presidential palace. Bozize was not there, " Djouma Narkoyo, one of the rebel commanders, announced on behalf of Seleka, a loose coalition of five factions. Chinese Ambassador to Central African Republic Sun louboutin shoes sale Haichao told Xinhua on Sunday afternoon that the more than 60 Chinese nationals in Bangui would leave within the day. China evacuated most of its citizens from the land-locked country at the end of last year, before the warring sides signed a truce in January 2013 in Libreville, the capital of Gabon. Bozize's whereabouts remain unknown although speculation runs high that he might have fled into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) early Sunday, as Bangui borders its southern neighbor cheap louboutins uk across the Oubangui River. Kinshasa, however, denied the allegation on Sunday afternoon. "President Bozize did not ask to come to our country," Lambert Mende, the spokesman of DR Cong, told Xinhua, in response to reports that the Congolese government had asked the UN refugee agency UNHCR to help transport Bozize's family through the border town. Rampant lootings were reported by some residents in Bangui after rebels entered the capital on Saturday. Looters took advantage of the christian louboutin bridal mess created by the fighting between rebels and government troops, several sources told Xinhua.
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