Complete cleaning by Dust Collector

Complete cleaning by Dust CollectorThere are many types of Filter Bags available for the pollution control system. Various category of the filter bags are seen for the different types of requirement. The filter bags are available in many size, shape and configuration like water repellent, water and oil repellent, anti static, flame retardant, PTFE membrane laminated and also with different finishes and coatings.

The Air Blowers are available in different configuration depend upon the application. It is widely used in many industrial applications as well as domestic use. The air blowers are fabricated with steel plate. The FD fan is used for the higher temperature and higher pressure application. The FD fan is used in the higher pressure steam boilers.

The Dust Collector system is a dust extraction and collection system, extensively used for the cleaning of the atmosphere by removing the dust particles and other harmful particulates from the air. These particulates are produced by the industrial processes of metal, wood, chemical, petrochemical and also from the electricity consumption.

The awareness about the pollution control increasing since few years. There are many industries in which the polluted air is produced during the process. The polluted air should be cleaned before emission. The Air Pollution Control System is used to make the air free from the pollutants.
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