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Leaders of the Al-Qaida-affiliated cheap louboutins terror group are believed to have fled the town, which was their main base in the region and where they were known to have been extorting revenues from farmers, traders and pastoralists. The Afgooye town is also strategically located 30 km from the capital, Mogadishu, and governing routes to the port town of Marka, as well as the towns of Baidoa and Jowhar. UNHCR said the humanitarian community has a contingency plan for 20,000 households (almost 120,000 people) in place but so far louboutin outlet uk just over 10,000 people have reached Mogadishu. "As was the situation during the previous wave of displacement from Afgooye in February, the first to move were often people with financial means to hire or rent transport and therefore may not be among the most vulnerable in need of humanitarian assistance," it said. There are reports saying that heightened security checks on the way into Mogadishu are posing difficulties for these internally displaced people. "Further timberland outlet reports from our staff and partners on the ground indicate that those who have reached Mogadishu are staying among host communities with relatives and clan members," the UN refugee agency said. The statement said some are arriving in the more established IDP settlements where services are already being provided, adding that UNHCR and partners are ready to deliver shelter and other emergency assistance items, such as plastic sheeting, blankets, sleeping mats, kitchen cheap timberland boots sets and jerricans, to the IDPs. UNHCR said the movement of people has slowed down since its peak on May 23 when almost 5,000 displacements were recorded. It said over 3,500 displacements were reported the following day and almost 2,500 on Friday and a further 2,000 on Saturday. "The road into Mogadishu remains open and we anticipate that movement will continue into the Somali capital as people seek out humanitarian assistance, but not to the same extent as witnessed last week," discount timberland boots the UN agency said. The Horn of Africa nation has been undergoing a peace and national reconciliation process after decades of conflict, with the country's Transitional Federal Institutions currently implementing a roadmap, devised in September last year, that spells out priority measures to be carried out before the current transitional governing arrangements end on Aug 20. Until last year, most of Mogadishu was, for several years, riven by a fluid frontline dividing the two timberland boots sale sides -- fighters belonging to the Al-Shabaab movement and troops belonging to Somalia's Transitional Federal Government, with the latter supported by AMISOM's peacekeeping forces.
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