Duran James who‘s best? Howard: I believe myself is the league's best

Duran James who‘s best? Howard: I believe myself is the league's bestRecent about Kevin Durant(Nike KD 6 MC Mambacurial) could overtake LeBron James topic , causing hot parties . But there is this reporter asked Dwight Howard , Warcraft has said that he believes he is the best player in the league . Now, in the summer of 2012 before accepting back surgery that we are familiar with World of Warcraft, is back, but the fans as if they would go in hot pursuit when he won the slam dunk champion just like World of Warcraft , there are still questions . After all, the way he left Orlando , and his last season with the Lakers(Nike Zoom Kobe 8 What the Kobe) performance as expected, in the eyes of the fans that have made him less points . But joining the Rockets this season so far , pretty good mood Warcraft . According to the " Houston Chronicle" Jonathan Fagan reported recently when a reporter asked if he had to catch up with James(Nike LeBron 11 Galaxy), Durant , Warcraft replied: "I know that what I say will be challenged , but I have to believe in myself the best player in the league and I think all the players here are the thought they would not say one player is better than himself. Whether you played what kind of data , you have to take ' my best player every night ' mentality onto the track . " Despite Warcraft may not be the league's best , but he has such a mind is correct. Like previously asked the same question, Derrick Rose also think he is the best , like all stars at every entry had to have such a mentality, otherwise there due to lack of confidence and par dangerous opponents are considerable strength. World of Warcraft saying the surface is not tricky , but think about it , you can easily understand why he would say.
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