Durant 31 points Thunder easily beat the Jazz

Durant 31 points Thunder easily beat the JazzThe first accident in eastern walkers away frustrated ,lost to the playoff outsiders Cavaliers; Thunder was not upset at home win over the Jazz . Jazz 96 - Thunder 116 Thunder ( 54-19 ) two -game winning streak . Kevin Durant(Nike KD 6 Illusion) within 29 minutes scored 31 points and nine rebounds, Russell Westbrook only played 24 minutes , scored 19 points , five rebounds and four assists, Serge Ibaka 17 points and six rebounds. Bench Caron Butler 15 points. Jazz ( 23-51 ) four -game losing streak . Richard Jefferson scored 17 points, Innis - Canterbury 18 points and 12 rebounds, Gordon Hayward 16 points and nine assists, Derek Phevos 8 points and 13 rebounds . Thunder has been difficult to compete with the Spurs first western position, but they are getting close to the championship from the Northwest . Jazz near the bottom in the West , do not constitute a threat to them . 5 minutes before the game , the Thunder(Nike KD 6 BHM) will play 11-0 wave of attacks , the first section there are 3 minutes 07 seconds , they expanded the advantage to 21-4 , the Jazz in the first nine minutes, only to hit two goals . The first section of the Jazz failed to score in double figures to 9-26 behind. Section II Jazz state rebounded , scored 31points, but the Thunder quickly extended the advantage to 20 points or more, to 59-40 at halftime. Section III Jazz and even scored 37 points, but the Thunder maintained a double-digit advantage. They dare not let Westbrook adventure, most of the time to let him rest. Durant last section do not play, the Thunder will expand the advantage to 20 points or more , the outcome is no suspense early . Pacers 76 - Knight 90 Cavaliers ( 30-45 ) to maintain a lifeline , 6 team scored in double figures, Dion West 19 points , Luol Deng 15 points, Spencer Hawes 13 points, Tristan Thompson 12 points and 16 rebounds , Jia Lite Jack 11 points, nine assists and six rebounds. Pacers ( 52-22 ) two -game losing streak . Paul George(Jordan CP3 AE Supernova) scored 15 points and seven rebounds, David West 14 points, Lance Stephenson 11 points and seven rebounds, George Hill 9 points , 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Walker has been locked first place in the Central Division , early became the first team to get playoff tickets , but recently they state average, although the Bulls and Heat have been defeated , but the face of the poor record of the team but successive defeat. Knight maintained a slim chance of survival , but headed star Carey Owen bathing season, their hopes have been minimal , however , Knight recently caused no small trouble to ring playoff team . Prior to 9 games against the Cavaliers have lost to the Pacers , the recent 11 territories, the Knights have failed to score Pobai . Walker 's defense insurmountable natural moat become a knight , but today is an exception. Knights start smoothly , play 8-0 . After the Pacers back feel , with several outside shooting , even beyond the score , but after the first section , they are still 20-25 behind. Walker not only not guard knight , but the offensive problems of their own , the second they had 16 points at halftime , the Pacers to 36-49 behind. The second half Pacers failed to mount an effective counterattack, most of the time behind the double digits. After nearly six minutes to play the fourth quarter , the Pacers hit only one ball , the Cavaliers shot a wave of 11-0 , when more than half of this section to 84-63 lead. After Walker was on the offensive , but it was too late , failed to narrow the gap to less than 12 points.
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