Durant 42 +10 Thunder home lost to Clippers

Two western strong territories, the Clippers last two minutes freak, away to 125-117 beat the Thunder .Los Angeles Clippers ( 38-20 ) avoided the first three -game losing streak of the season . Starting five scored in double figures , Jamal Crawford made five of eight three-pointers , scored 36 points , Matt Barnes 24 points and seven rebounds, Blake Griffin(Jordan Super.Fly 2 Supernova) 20 points, seven rebounds and six assists , DeAndre Jordan 18 points and 12 rebounds, Chris Paul 18 points , 12 assists and eight rebounds. Thunder ( 43-14 ) two -game losing streak .Kevin Durant scored 42 points and 10 rebounds, and Serge Ibaka 20 points and six rebounds, Russell Westbrook 13 points and six assists, but only 3 of 13 shots . Bench Derrick Fisher 15 points all from three-pointers . This season, Durant(Nike KD 6 Mint Speckle) averaged 31.4 points per game , most recently 23 games, is up 35.3 points , and thus he is considered to suppress LeBron James to become this season's MVP, but in the game against the Miami Heat game, Thunder suffered nearly three years most painful defeat to 81-103 loss to Miami . Westbrook 's comeback night in vain. Clippers top face of the Pacific , the Thunder this season, one win and one loss , both in their home win. In these two games, Durant scored a total of 61 points and 18 assists. Today firepower Durant , Thunder in the final two minutes but failed to withstand the opponent's attack. Clippers an opening on the third consecutive hit , then Jordan alley-oop layup , they start a wave of 12-2 , the Thunder played three minutes in the game only after Durant hit a ball . The Festival half, Durant before entering the state , he scored 13 points in this section , the Thunder 11-4 with a filter end of this section , in one fell swoop to 32-28 lead. In this section, the Clippers last four minutes only to hit a ball. Durant second quarter and then take 12 points , but the Thunder defense fall , a single lost 44 points. Clippers continue basket succeeded , to 72-66 halftime lead. Clippers to 95-80 lead once the third quarter , but Fisher in the last two minutes of this section third hit twice , after the Thunder 13-4 shot , only to fall behind 93-99 .Fisher started in the fourth quarter and two-thirds vote , the Thunder continued to fight back, this section there are 7 minutes 23 seconds , Durant hit two free throws , one scored 4 points, only to Thunder 104-105 behind . Game 2 minutes 43 seconds , Durant hit third, Thunder 115-112 exceeded. Paul(Jordan CP3 AE Supernova) and Griffin have been free throws , the Clippers ahead again . Durant missed two free throws even critical moment .In the final two minutes , the Thunder only Durant hit a ball , the Clippers to a 13-2 to end the game .
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