Durant 42 points single-season 11 times 40 +

Durant 42 points single-season 11 times 40 +Recent sits flat Thunder vs. Rockets gaining momentum , but the home team headed star Kevin Durant(Nike KD 6 Away II) seems to be a loss to the Lakers vent all the anger in the rocket body , KD this Battle 12 of 22 shots in the audience , scored 42 points , plus five rebounds and four assists , and this is his first of the season so far 11 times single-game 40 + points . There is no doubt that Durant is the NBA 's leading scorer the strongest , but he did not say where the real tough scoring highest in the league , but rather offensive comprehensiveness. According to data provided by Synergy website : Durant on the offensive from the distribution of the season , the relatively average , the highest proportion of the pick and roll attack only accounted for 20.8%. Then, singles , as well as shots from defensive to offensive teammates cover after the turn of the proportion was 15.8 %, 15.6% and 12.8% . But the surprise is that Durant in all these ways to attack both maintained a high standard. Take singles , his score each round up 1.09 points, ranking in the league the first three . In fact, score more and singles ability has no direct relationship. Take the rocket Harden , he is averaging this season with nearly 25 points from five league and is recognized as one of the NBA's(Nike Zoom Kobe 8 What the Kobe) best point guard, but in the " bearded " 's arsenal , but singles not to his advantage . Data Display: Harden this season by scoring singles only 0.88 points per possession , ranked 57th in the league . In fact, it is easy to see from the game , Harden does best way to attack is mainly made free throws after the break , after the screening of his teammates as well as pointers from defensive to offensive during the assault . But Durant's situation is completely different, even more suitable for the low post player back singles ( if in accordance with the first impression , tall thin Durant should be very good at low singles ) , this season he scored in each round reached 1.1 points, actually ranked 7th in the league . In other words , Durant on the offensive end is almost " no dead ends ", and in the field and the Rockets game, he vividly illustrate this point. After the start of the game , the playoffs last year, a pair of lovers less frequent between Granville and Beverly intense physical confrontation, both players are becoming more and more anger . But as the " Houston Chronicle" reporter Fagan on Twitter to say: "When everyone else 's nerves are tense , the speed when playing fast and full of gunpowder , only Durant played his best game and almost hit every ball . " Section in the middle , after Durant forced break layup and foul Parsons , but also ignited the passion of the fans of Oklahoma City . The first section of the end , he has scored 12 points. Section II , KD offensive weakened, only 5 points . But at halftime , as TNT commentary Chris Webber made special mention of Durant 's eight free throws in the first half , he thinks such as Michael Jordan(Air Jordan 10 Chicago) and Kobe Bryant scorer , often are able to handle the situation in general by free throws to gradually find the state , but now Durant is clearly belong to this level. Today's game , the Rockets most of the time did not double team on Durant , but it is in the playoffs last year, Parsons was a good veteran anti- KD Garcia , are simply unable to contain too hot to stop smoking Durant . Especially in the fourth quarter, he hit several consecutive three-pointers unreasonable , making the Thunder can firmly hold a certain advantage. In this section , he scored 12 points , including the final 1 minute left that in mind when you step back jumper 10 seconds for the Thunder win the match. After the game, Durant in this season 's single-game 40 + sessions has reached 11 games , ranking first in the league . It is worth mentioning that, according to ESPN 's statistics : The season has yet another player in a single field of 40 + sessions over five games . Therefore , this 42 -point performances undoubtedly Durant added a heavy weight in the regular season MVP in the battle .
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