Dwyane Wade talk about James' Mask: Kobe Bryant broke after wearing masks !

After a lapse of nine years , LeBron James(Nike LeBron 11 Christmas) will battle again put on a mask , the state of his game this will have any effect ? His teammates started a lively discussion. "I did not like many career Mask Man played against , " Wade said, " I remember one time is masked Bryant , I played under his nose , and he broke out , at least with us masks that game did not affect his status . " James(Nike LeBron 10 Iron Man 3 Custom) nine years ago by Mutombo injured cheek bone , had to wear a mask expedition race , nine years later, he was Ibaka broken nose bone , had to wear a mask to prevent re- injured again. "That stuff ( nose injury ) like karma , as if the opponent deliberately beat him , they soon will be hurt, " Bosh said, "So , I think that no one dares to touch him in the game . " Obviously, Bosh is using "threatening " way to remind opponents, while Sean Shane Battier will not want to think so much. "I 'm not worried about LeBron 's nose ," Battier(Air Jordan 4 Toro Bravo) said , "If someone hit him in the nose , he will not ignore , he has a good physique deputy , I do not need him to come forward ." Wade said , and so the game really started , James will put the nose injury and masks forgotten. "When the game starts , we would have put the game, who would not before thought, I've got to beat the man's mask, is a serious effort to the game, " Wade said, " the next game ( Miami vs Knicks ) , we will see two things the guy wearing the face (and Stoudemire ), ESPN will probably give data , the highest number of teams who played what , when wearing a mask . " The only regret is that Wade , James could not put the mask pattern to wear out . " A few years ago also, Bryant wearing a black mask a very good , " Wade said, " not now , the league those are taken away , only to wear ordinary , this is too Meijin Er ! "
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