Efficient Filter Bag enhances the efficiency of the air pollution control system

Efficient Filter Bag enhances the efficiency of the air pollution control systemThe Air Pollution Control Systems are of two types, the pulse jet cleaning system and reverse flow cleaning system. The air pollution control system, also call as bag house is available with the heavy construction, with stiffeners. The system is available with central and compact design.

The fabric, with which the filter bag is made, depends upon various factors like temperature, chemical components, and humidity and toxic particulates. Various types of fibers like acrylic co-polymer, fiberglass, nylon, polyster, cotton, polypropylene, normex, Teflon, ryton etcetera fibers are used to manufacture the filter bag for the different requirements. The fabric is used for the different situations like, high temperature, chemical resistance, acidic media, alkali media etc. Sometimes the Filters Bag is coated with the special material to enhance the capacity of the bag filters.

The very fine particles are some time very harmful to be inhaled, so it is necessary to be removed. These particulates are produced by the industrial processes of metal, wood, chemical, petrochemical and also from the electricity consumption. The Dust Collectors have the vast usage in many industrial sectors like automobile, sugar, flour mills, rice mills, furniture industries, cement and power, ancillaries, marble, tiles, garments, steel plant, paper plant etcetera.

The Air Blowers are of different types. It is available with different impeller design like backward curve, forward curve, and straight radial impeller. The impellers are precisely manufactured for the vibration free function. The air blowers are used for the industrial as well as domestic use.
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