Farshad Farivar says that the specialty games

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This is an activity that can be played individually or in a team as a recreational outdoor activity. In this sport the player scores points by targeting targets. These targets are targeted using hand held infrared emitting targeting device. Farshad Farivar says this is a sport or you can say a recreational activity that is famous and favorite among all age groups. He says that the biggest advantage and difference that a laser tag has as compared to paintball is that this activity has no pain involved as compared to the later one because it has no physical projects and moreover indoor form of this activity is proved to be less physically demanding as it prohibits running and rough housing of any type.
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Farshad Farivar says that the specialty games of such kinds includes capture the flag (player steals opponent’s flag and takes it back to his own base), Protect the VIP (the team with VIP hides and conceals him for a set length of time), Stealth or invisibility matches (Lights indicates a player’s target sensor are deactivated), Base Centric Matches (Team defend a base attacking the opponent base), Borg matches (team share a pool of commonly held resources), Juggernaut Matches (One player becomes juggernaut and gains points for staying juggernaut while other try to eliminate him and try to become juggernaut himself), Elimination matches (player becomes eliminated if tagged specific number of times), Domination Matches (player gains points for possessing a field target for specific duration of times) and Role Playing or Character less matches (Each player’s equipment performs  a different function).
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Farshad Farivar stresses on technology and equipment used for enjoying this activity. He says there are two technologies used for executing this activity. One is indoor equipment and the other is outdoor equipment. In Indoor equipment packs are integrated very close with the device. On the other hand in Outdoor equipment, it is expected to function well for longer range. These units are made up of machined aluminum so that it can stand the effects of outdoor brings. Farshad Farivar says that the players are required to wear light weight head sensors in order to receive hits.
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Farshad Farivar says that this is the game or you can say it is a recreational activity that can be enjoyed both at indoors and outdoors following basic rules and instructions. He says this activity does not require any practice or training or any special class for gaining its knowledge. Moreover this is also best recreational activity in terms of safety and security.
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