FIBC Manufacturer make the highly efficient bags

FIBC Manufacturer make the highly efficient bagsThe FIBC means flexible intermediate bulk containers. The FIBC Manufacturer made these bags highly efficient, to transport the variety of things. These bulk containers are widely used in the pharmaceuticals, mineral, food and packaging, agriculture, construction and metallurgical. The FIBC is the safe and efficient container to carry the variety of the heavy things. It is very convenient way to carry the things, efficiently. The FIBC bulk bags are available in various sizes and configuration. The bags are weather resistance and highly durable. It is available with different options like conical filling, flap cover, filling spout, filling skirt, pyramidal filling skirt etcetera. The bags are made from high grade raw material. The FIBC bags are made by latest technology with the international quality norms. It is also tested on various parameters for the high strength and long service life.

There are several types of bags, as per requirement. The 110 GSM to 270 GSM are more used bags. the average height of the bags are 70 cm to 250 cm. there are also different types of stitching patterns like single chain stitch and double chain stitch. The bags are available with different level of working load from 500 kg to 2000 kg.
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