George:catch target only Lebron James and Kevin Durant

George:catch target only Lebron James and Kevin DurantIndiana Pacers star Paul George recently accepted an exclusive interview with "ESPN" magazine. Talked about his current goals in the league to catch up , he said that only LeBron James and Kevin Durant(Nike KD 6 MC Mambacurial) . In addition, George also made special mention of his worship of the Lakers star Kobe Bryant 's team . With the rapid progress of the past year , George seems to have become one of the most watched NBA star today . But for the " star" of such title , he admits now able to bear . "I do not think they have a proven superstar ." George said in an interview , "From a personal perspective, this is the first year I stood on this stage and I think in order to get the title of superstar , you have to be a few years time . " Earlier, George had said he hoped to become the league's most complete player . On this point, he revealed that he is being chased goal only : . " LeBron(Nike Lebron 10 Low 2 Time Champion) and KD" "I will continue to learn , and I will continue to be a student of the game and I still have a long way to go , a lot of things need to be do. They have ruled for a few years in this position , but I feel positive towards this direction . " he then said , " I aspire to be one of the best players in this league, I will achieve this goal . " As we all know , George grew up in California, grew up in a Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant 's(Nike Zoom Kobe 8 What the Kobe) loyal fans. In this interview , he had talked about Pickle particular idol imitation. "I'll be in all aspects of his imitation."He said, "I grew up is a full Bryant fan,I would imitate his fadeaway jumper,I have also imitated his‘Mamba expression’." George(Nike Hyperdunk 2013 XDR) also revealed that former Pacers assistant Brian Shaw Bryant would often use to motivate him. " When he found out I was lazy , they will say that Kobe Bryant will be training at this time in the arena where Kobe Bryant will never do or will be ready at this time . Through these small details , he will let me know Kobe how to deal with these things and he ( Bryant ) is a player I respect , so I have no reason to not like him to do . " he said.
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